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Article Review On The Origin Of Old Earth

961 words - 4 pages

The Origin of Old –Earth Geology …21st Century
Diane Hammonds
Dr. Travis Bradshaw
September 3, 2014


This article review will provide the reader with a brief overview of Dr. Mortenson’s article, Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century, which was written on August 5, 2003. One will also read about Dr. Mortenson’s strengths and weaknesses as an author of his article. It should be noted that he does not take one side over the other, but rather presents information that he found during his thesis development. There are some definite strengths and weakness to his article that explores a debate that has been around for ...view middle of the document...

Not all of these gentlemen came from scholar backgrounds, rather they had a passion for understanding and explaining how the earth came to be and God’s role in the process. He defends his arguments with the mentioning of the four scriptural geologists, George Young (1777-1848), George Fairholme (1789-1846), John Murray (1786?-1851), William Rhind (1797-1874) (Mortenson, 2003) who all came from very diverse backgrounds. These individuals were not against the use and mentioning of geological facts of the old-world theory, but rather how it was interpreted based on biases. The true nature of the 19th century debate had its own errors because their beliefs were not objective, without bias, or let the facts-speak-for themselves observers of the physical evidence that was before them. All of the old-earth individuals who supported the theory thought differently of the existence of God, but they all rejected the God of the scriptures. However, they looked to their understanding of the astronomical and geological evidence. How people viewed the world often affected how they interpreted and understood the facts that were presented to them. Their observations of the facts were also affected which brought an end to the scriptural geologists. Today it is key to understand that there are two reasons why the 19th century Genesis-geology debate is important. First scientific facts are not interpreted without bias, but rather are based on the scientific facts that are not self-interpreting. They interpret the information based on their philosophical and religious assumptions. In closing Dr. Mortenson mentioned that today one must worry about naturalism and how it is affecting the world today.


I believe that Dr. Mortenson does a great job of providing a variety of examples from each of the centuries that the article...

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