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Article Review Reader's Digest

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The article I will be reviewing is from a famous monthly magazine, Reader’s Digest. The particulars of this article are as follows:
Reader’s Digest
Title: Where Can You Get The Best Medical Care In Asia?
Volume: March 2011
Article Title: To Infinity – and Beyond?
Article Author: Stan Yee

As I was flipping through the pages, browsing random articles, I came across one with a rather reminiscent title, ‘To Infinity – and beyond’. It is actually the catchphrase of an astronaut character in the movie, ‘Toy Story’ which I saw many years back. The preview was what really anchored me to the article. It was about space tourism! Being flabbergasted at the actual ...view middle of the document...

The author then described how humans were hyped by the popular media about space travel and and life outside the earth’s atmosphere. The opening gradually introduced the reader to the topic, linking various events, and cultivating to the idea of space travel.

After I read the article I started observing today’s modern society and was amazed as to how much in line this article actually is, in accordance to the modern culture. Businesses have spent so much time and money in entertaining their customers and giving them an ‘out-of-this-world’ experience in every product. But now the technology has evolved to a point that this adjective can be given justice, i.e. we actually have the option of space tourism. Money aside, in today’s culture, where depression is widespread, a possibility of such a breathtaking journey will definitely be a motivation for many to work harder on being successful and hopefully when the space tourism industry gains popularity the business competition will lower the prices.

Closing of an article holds high...

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