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Article Review Summary

560 words - 3 pages

Yuan Ze University

College of Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
International Master’s Program in Industrial Engineering & Management
Global Logistics Management

Article review: Supply chain design and optimization: Challenges and opportunities.

Professor: Phd. Ching-Jung Ting
Student: Manuel Mojica 1045455

Taoyuan, 10/12/2015

Globalization and technological advancement have connected industries, firms, and countries like never before, providing ample opportunity to improve or refine the supply chain. Therefore, it is very important to identify some principal research opportunities and challenges in supply chain design.
There are two principal key areas of research opportunities for supply chain design: Enterprise-wide optimization (EWO) and energy/sustainability. These issues have arrived and are already ...view middle of the document...

Clearly, supply chain design with energy/sustainability considerations is an active research topic in the field. Recent developments in the energy sector have created opportunities for domain applications of energy supply chain design. It is important to mention that society is focused on moving from nonrenewable energy resources to renewable ones. Supply chain designs should be advanced such that renewable energy supply chains can be quickly and efficiently developed. In addition, a recent movement toward sustainability has provided the Process System Engineering (PSE) community with an opportunity to investigate supply chains.
Also, there are three major areas of research challenges where knowledge gaps can be addressed in supply chain design: multiple-scale challenges, multi-objective and sustainability, and multi-player challenges. While much progress has been made on large-scale modeling of complex supply chain design, there still exists a great need for efficient approaches to deal with the multi-scale, multi-objective, and multiplayer of modern supply chains. Multi-scale modeling presents modeling, optimization, and uncertainty challenges, especially as supply chains grow large and highly interconnected. Addressing the design and optimization of all scales of supply chain results in significant algorithmic and computational challenges that must be addressed. Likewise, Multi-objective supply design will require a development of better measures and models for a variety of economic, environment, and social objectives. An interesting life-cycle optimization approaches were shown as a possible route forward in the multiple-objective modeling and optimization of supply chains. Multi-players supply chain involves implementing the concepts of competition, transfer prices, and contracts between a potentially distributed or decentralized network of supply chain players. These players (suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customer) can all make their own decisions that may or may not lead to an optimal supply chain. One important fact is that much work has been performed in order to address and integrate all three of these challenges areas into large-scale, complex and supply chain designs.

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