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Articles To Accompany Essay Two Assignment

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Articles to Accompany Essay Two Assignment
Remember when locating periodical articles, you look first for the title of the periodical, then look for the correct volume, then locate the article through its title, author, and/or page number.
Formalist: (both articles available online thru the Research Gateway)
Moore, Arthur K. “Formalist Criticism and Literary Form.” Journal of Aesthetics and Art
Criticism 29.1 (1970): 21 – 31.
Wolfson, Susan J. “What Good Is Formalist Criticism? Or, Forms and Storms and the
Critical Register of Romantic Poetry.” Studies in Romanticism 37 (Spring 1998): 77 – 94.
Biographical: (both articles available online thru the Research Gateway)
Aldridge, ...view middle of the document...

The Waller article is available in the stacks only.)
Gaullx, Marilyn. “Jane Austen: Afterlives.” Eighteenth-Century Life 28.2 (Spring 2004): 113 – 19.
NOTE this is a book review of 2 books that examine the works of a writer through an Historicist critical lens.
Hume, Robert D. “The Aims and Limits of Historical Scholarship.” Review of English Studies: A
Quarterly Journal of English Literature and the English Language 53.211 (2002): 399 – 422.
Waller, Marguerite R. “Historical Theory and Poetic Practice: The Case of Petrarch.”
Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Arts 18 (1976): 273 – 94.
Marxist: (all articles except Marder available online through the Research Gateway. The Marder article is available in the stacks only.)
Levin, Richard. “Marxist Criticism and/or/versus a Clearer Sense of Justice.” Renaissance Forum: An
Electronic Journal of Early Modern Literary and Historical Studies 1.2 (1996).
NOTE: This is primarily an argument against Marxist criticism, but the first half of the essay (i.e., the 1st 10 paragraphs) gives a pretty good idea of the kinds of arguments made by Marxist critics.
Marder, Louis. “A Brief Introduction to Marxist Criticism of Shakespeare.” Shakespeare
Newsletter 24 (1974): 38 – 39.
Shor, Ira. “Notes on Marxism and Method.” College English 34 (1972): 173 – 77.
---. “Questions Marxists Ask About Literature.” College English 34 (1972): 178 – 79.
Feminist: (all articles except Friedman available online through the Research Gateway. The Friedman article is available in the stacks only.)
Friedman, Susan Stanford. “The Futures of Feminist Criticism: A Diary.” PMLA: Publications of the
Modern Language Association of America (PMLA) 121.5 (2006): 1704 – 10.

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