Artificial Intelligence And The Human Power

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Artificial Intelligence and the Human Power
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of intelligence displayed by software and machines. This is one field with long history yet it is still growing and changing as time goes by. This is because it gets propagated by scientific inventions and innovations through the human faculty of curiosity and intelligence. Now the question is whether the very collective intelligence induces into machinery, robotics and software will one day grow beyond human control. This study primly purposes on finding out whether artificial intelligence will overthrow the human power.
Rubin (2003) stipulates that “The cutting edge of modern science and technology has moved, in its aim, beyond the relief of man’s estate to the elimination of human beings.” Rubin (2003) takes us through the new post-biological life in which intelligence exists without bodies. Think of an ...view middle of the document...

These temptations strive to reveal the reasons behind replacement of humans with machines. What breeds temptations as such amongst we humans is that we are ever troubled by our limits imperfections and death. It is at this point that we begin imagining how the world would be like supposing intelligence can offer us something better. Along this line of thinking, we can say that artificial intelligence will take over the human power when they are sank into oblivion.
What if a robotic is equipped with the intelligence and ability of creating its own kind? This is exactly where technology is heading to; computers and robots with developed conscious, personified minds and intelligence (Kasparov, 2005). Kasparov predicts of the implantation of devises and systems into humans. This is to imply not just full domination of artificial intelligence will prevail in the near future but also intelligence amplification. In the environment there shall be information technology, animation as well as communicativeness. Kasparov acknowledges artificial intelligence with the dawn of a new era. The idea of artificial intelligence will cut down the value of life to a great extent as a time will come when man has nothing more to do.
Based on the above discussion it is clear that the human power gets most vulnerable with advancement in technology. However this might be quite unnoticeable as it comes with a thrilling effect. Kasparov in his discussion reveal that the human population is growing at a rate of two percent in a year while robot population grows at a higher rate of 30 percent per year. This is an absolute implication that indeed artificial intelligence will at some point in the future overthrow human power.

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