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As English Language And Literature Induction Task

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Induction task for AS English Language and Literature.

Read through the opening section of ‘In Cold Blood” by Trueman Capote & annotate it as per the narrative aspects listed below.
Then answer the following question in 4-500 words.
How does the author use narrative aspects to tell the story in chapter one?
* Narrative Voice
* Dialogue
* Setting
* Events
* Figurative language
* Descriptive language
* Character
* Form & structure

I. The Last to See Them Alive
The village of Holcomb stands on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome
area that other Kansans call "out there." Some seventy miles east of the Colorado
border, the ...view middle of the document...

Nearby is another building with an
irrelevant sign, this one in flaking gold on a dirty window - Holcomb bank. The bank
closed in 1933, and its former counting rooms have been converted into apartments. It is
one of the town's two "apartment houses," the second being a ramshackle mansion
known, because a good part of the local school's faculty lives there, as the Teacherage.
But the majority of Holcomb's homes are one-story frame affairs, with front porches.

Down by the depot, the postmistress, a gaunt woman who wears a rawhide
jacket and denims and cowboy boots, presides over a falling-apart post office. The
depot itself, with its peeling sulphur-colored paint, is equally melancholy; the Chief, the
Super-Chief, the El Capitan go by every day, but these celebrated expresses never pause
there. No passenger trains do - only an occasional freight. Up on the highway, there are
two filling stations, one of which doubles as a meagerly supplied grocery store, while
the other does extra duty as a cafe - Hartman's Cafe, where Mrs. Hartman, the
proprietress, dispenses sandwiches, coffee, soft drinks, and 3 .2 beer. (Holcomb, like all
the rest of Kansas, is "dry.")

And that, really, is all. Unless you include, as one must, the Holcomb School, a
good-looking establishment, which reveals a circumstance that the appearance of the
community otherwise camouflages: that the parents who send their children to this
modern and ably staffed "consolidated" school - the grades go from kindergarten
through senior high, and a fleet of buses transport the students, of which there are
usually around three hundred and sixty, from as far as sixteen miles away - are, in
general, a prosperous people. Farm ranchers, most of them, they are outdoor folk of
very varied stock - German, Irish, Norwegian, Mexican, Japanese. They raise cattle and
sheep, grow wheat, milo, grass seed, and sugar beets. Farming is always a chancy
business, but in west-era Kansas its practitioners consider themselves "born gamblers,
for they must contend with an extremely shallow precipitation (the annual average is
eighteen inches) and anguishing irrigation problems. However, the last seven years have
been years of droughtless beneficence. The farm ranchers in Finney County, of which
Holcomb is a part, have done well; money has been made not from farming alone but
also from the exploitation of plentiful natural-gas resources, and its acquisition is
reflected in the new school, the comfortable interiors of the farmhouses, the steep and
swollen grain elevators.
Until one morning in mid-November of 1959, few American - in fact, few
Kansans - had ever heard of Holcomb. Like the waters of the river, like the motorists on
the highway, and like the yellow trains streaking down the Santa Fe tracks, drama, in
the shape of exceptional happenings, had never stopped there. The inhabitants of the
village, numbering two hundred and seventy, were satisfied that this should be so,...

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