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Ask For Help Essay

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Democracy is a way of life apart from being a form of government. Discuss and give examples to sustain your argument.
Democracy is not only a form of government but also it is a way of life, through knowledge, attitudes & values and skills of the population. Some of these factors are also solidarity, equality, freedom, teamwork and justice. But also citizens must require certain skills such as debating, information taking, decision making, leadership and voluntary work. Before discussing why a democracy is a way of life we should discuss it as being a form of government first. So what is democracy? Democracy is a form of government in which supreme power lies in the hands of the people and exercised by then directly or indirectly through a system of representatives usually involving periodic free elections. The word "democracy" ...view middle of the document...

” - John F. Kennedy

Democracy is a way of life such that democracy is in demand around the world. For example the collapse of tolitarian rule in East Europe, the victorious struggle against the British in South Africa, the revolution of the French during the 18th Century and the dramatic break-up of the Soviet Union all showed the universal yearning for liberty and political freedom. Citizens must slowly develop the values and norms that make up a democracy and an education is just as important in mature democracies. Human rights are also part of the way of life of a democracy that guarantees the evolution of these rights. These rights are rights that each human being has from the moment of his or her existence. These may include the right to life and personality development, they are indivisible, right to participate in the political life, right to minimum wage for survival, right for basic education and so on. It is a duty to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms, regardless of their political, economic and cultural systems. So therefore, democracy isn’t what most people think that it is only found in the government but it is used in everyday life to make most choices in life. It is the rule of the majority but also the rights of the minority. So democracy is set by the people themselves and make their everyday life easier.

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