Asl Cultural Experience Essay

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Nicole Einheuser
Singing Hands
This year was my first year attending the singing hands performance at Saint Louis High School. The performance amazed me. It kept my attention the entire time and quite honestly I was not ready for it to end! I was so impressed by the student’s range of ages and their confidence on the stage.
Last year in ASL 101, I had missed the opportunity to go and see this performance because of work. I was sad to hear about how great it was and what I had missed out on. This year when I heard about the performance this year, I made sure I didn’t have to work! I wasn’t going to miss it again. Although we made it in time, me and a friend from my class did not leave Mount Pleasant till a little after three o’clock once again because of work. As soon as we walked into the gym, I made sure to scope out a good seat towards the front and center. We took our seats and said hi to our classmates sitting in the seats surrounding us.
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While watching the kids sign and dance to a bunch of different popular songs I was familiar with, I paid attention to the signs I recognized as well as the ones I didn’t quite recognize. It was fun watching the students match familiar signs to the words of songs I listen to on a daily basis. A lot of the performances have stuck with me even a week later and when I hear the songs from the show on the radio, I think of the specific performance that was done and am always tempted to sign along with the song.
In between performances, my friend and I were signing to each other about what we thought about each performance. Let’s just say that “sooo cute”, “wow”, and “I loved that!” were all said a lot! From the pre-schoolers to the highschoolers I was kept smiling and laughing through the whole thing. I thought the performances really allowed for each individual student’s personality to shine through which is part of what made the show so great. I believe that giving these deaf children the opportunity to express themselves this way is so great and an amazing opportunity not only for them, but for families to see their child thrive, and also for people unfamiliar with deaf culture or american sign language. You can tell that students and teachers both work very hard at making this a show that people enjoy and won’t forget. Judging by the excitement from the audience, and the smiles of satisfaction not only from the performers but from the teachers assisting them, I’d say that their hard work definitely pays off.
During some of the songs, I noticed that some of the students had to look at the teachers who were signing along with them more than others. That led me to belive that some kids may be able to hear the musical notes a little better than others who depended more on the cues from the teachers. It was interesting to see the relationships between all the students on stage. It really looked like they were having a lot of fun performing together. At the beginning of the event, I was excited to see what the performances were like but really did not know what to expect. At the end of the event I felt super happy for the accomplishments of these deaf students and it made me want to sign everything for the rest of the night! I had a great time at singing hands and am already looking forward too next years performance!

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