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Aspects Of Women's Spirituality In Tending To The Dying

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|Aspects of Women's Spirituality in Tending to the Dying |
|By Leslene della-Madre |
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While we cannot say we can know exactly what the ancients |
|knew, we can put the pieces and shards together of the puzzle of our past and see as well as feel a timeless reality that spans past, |
|present and future. Most of the scholarship in archeology, cultural anthropology and cultural history has within it an insidious male bias|
|which has not allowed for accurate vision and conclusion regarding our human evolution. Well-known figures and teachers, such as Joseph |
|Campbell, have realized that without the necessary light of feminist scholarship, we have unfortunately been hoodwinked into believing |
|things about ourselves as a species that simply are not true. Without the advent of recent pioneering scholarship by women such as the |
|late Dr.Marija Gimbutas, archeomythologist, linguist, scientist, professor at UCLA for many years who created the new field of study of |
|archeomythology, and author of the encyclopedic The Language of the Goddess and The Civilization of the Goddess, as well as numerous other|
|books and articles, we would be doomed to create and recreate a fear based, violent and insane reality spawned from lies about who we are |
|as beings on this planet, which we have already been doing quite long enough, successfully contributing to our own demise and that of many|
|other species. My research for my book was deeply influenced by her work, as she has literally unearthed from her diggings and studies of |
|Neolithic Old Europe, evidence of peaceful woman-centered cultures that not only lived in peace, but also flourished in creativity and |
|beauty. She has inspired people from around the world to further study these cultures. It is my prayer that her work will become part of |
|the general curriculum in our schools, for her work and research clearly show that humankind is fully capable of living peacefully, |
|because this is our legacy for the millennia preceding patriarchy, the advent of which occurred some 5,000 years ago. Campbell informs us |
|in the forward of Gimbutas' definitive work, The Language of the Goddess: |
|As Jean-Francois Champollion, a century and a half ago, through his decipherment of the Rosetta Stone was able to establish a glossary of |
|hieroglyphic signs to serve as keys to the whole great treasury of Egyptian religious thought from c.3200 B.C. to the period of the |
|Ptolemies, so in her assemblage, classification and descriptive interpretation of some two thousand symbolic artifacts from the earliest |
|Neolithic village sites of Europe, c. 7000 to 3500 B.C., Marija Gimbutas has been able, not only to prepare a fundamental glossary of |
|pictorial motifs as keys to the mythology of that otherwise undocumented era, but also to establish on the basis of these interpreted |
|signs the main lines and themes of a religion in veneration, both of the universe as the living...

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