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Aspirations After College Essay

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Since the moment I could move my hand I’d been drawing, dreaming and wanting to get my thoughts into the world. As I got older my talent branched off into other realms. I then realized that all I ever wanted to do was create, through any medium. Whether it be art, music fashion or film, I aspired to create. To ascend to a place where I can eternally fashion my whims and idylls is my final goal. My dreams for my future occupation are to (probably) finish college, find a studio, team of creative executives and eventually become a deity of sorts. To achieve these goals I have designated a certain path for myself called the: “do this or die plan”. Its implications are fairly personal and most will not be discussed in this essay, but it is fool proof because if not - I will die. Simple.
Somewhere upon my winding path I’d want to design clothing. I’ll consider being a creationist focused on clothing at the time. My apparel would not be limited by sizes, ages, or ...view middle of the document...

Along the meandering path of my life I’d like to dabble in the field of animation in such ways as gaming and film graphics. I’d want to learn three dimensional modeling as well as flash animation to accent a thrilling story-line that would appeal not just to myself, but to other viewers. Everything from, story boarding, scripting, and rendering in an interactive digital world or cinematic experience. I have been a fan of companies such as Blizzard, EA Games, and Forgotten Realms, for many years and would be eligible to work them but at no time or place will I work for anyone in life. Savannah College of Art and Design offers just the right animation programs I need to obtain these goals. If I haven’t dropped out before taking the required courses I will attend SCAD in the near future. With the aforementioned experience, I’d be a step closer to godliness.
I am very passionate about things concerning my art and how I’d want to express it. Upon obtaining all of my goals and reaching all set check points in my: “do this or die plan”. I will have become an ascended being like Apollo (Greek god of music and art). My employees will not have lunch breaks, or holidays but will happily carry me from my chariot to my office or feed me grapes and what not. I must be at full health to output such grandiose visions into the world. Productivity must be at an all-time high for fear that I’d smite them with my flaming whip. My employees and consumers will respect that. They will revere me as a divine being and only refer simply as “the great sage equal of heaven”.
If I never got paid a day in my life or achieved any of the extremities obtained by such aspirations, I’d be okay, only as long as I have space to create. Royal subjects, an awesome surname is nice, or 6-figure job could ever change that. The things mentioned in this essay are dreams and only that – my only goal is to ascend to a place where I can eternally fashion my whims and idylls. My dreams for my future occupation are to (probably) finish college, find a studio, team of creative executives and eventually become a deity of sorts. These are only illusions of grandeur I don’t care if they actually come true. The only thing I care for is are the murky swamp of the path ahead of me and the stately goal at the end.

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