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Assassination Of Jfk Essay

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On Friday, November 22nd 1963 at 12:30 P.M. the 35th president of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassinated while he rode in an open limousine though the streets of Dallas. This event, which abruptly and severely altered the course of history, it has created more controversy than any other single event. Some haunting questions still remain. "Who did it?" "Why did they do it?" "How was it done?" "Was there a cover up" The official answers complied by the Warren Commission have never satisfied the majority of the world's population. In this following essay I will try to show who was responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I believe the only way ...view middle of the document...

" Nobody saw Oswald on the 6th floor window after 11:55 on November 22nd. 90 seconds after the assassination, Roy Truly and Police officer M. L. Baker saw Oswald on the second floor. Oswald had to take the stairs down. But he had just 90 seconds to hide the rifle in the opposite corner of the sixth floor, run downstairs 4 floors passing Victoria Adams who never saw him and reach the second floor where he was encountered to be "calm and collected". The Warren Commission claimed that Oswald fired three shots in 5.6 seconds from the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. The first shot was the 'magic bullet' which made a total of seven wounds on JFK and Connally . Which appeared later in the Parkland Memorial Hospital - you can see - in an almost pristine condition. The second shot missed JFK and hit a bystander in the cheek and the third was the fatal head. The Warren Commission said the third shot hit JFK from behind, however his head was pushed backwards and to the left. This means the bullet must of come from the grassy Knoll. Also many witness thought they heard shots from there. (See graph) Oswald rifle's had poor capability (experts tried to do the same what Oswald was claimed to have done, but only one was able to do that! because he got not familiar with the rifle and the inaccurate attached scope of the rifle. It was near impossible for him to make the shot in 5.6 seconds

"If I had to pick one man in the whole United States to shoot me, I'd pick Oswald. I saw that man shoot and there's no way he could have ever learned to shoot well enough to do what they accused him of. I'm one of the best shots around, and I couldn't have done it." --Sherman Cooley (US Marine, served with Oswald)

If Oswald was not the killer then who would have wanted to see President Kennedy dead?

Lyndon Johnson (LBJ)


J. Edgar Hoover

The Mafia

Anti-Castro Cubans

Richard Nixon

I am convinced Lyndon Johnson may very well have been involved in the plot to murder President Kennedy. I believe Johnson probably knew about the plot ahead of time and either sanctioned it or actively took part in it. Another possibility, in my view, is that Johnson realized soon after the shooting that Kennedy had been killed by a conspiracy, and that Johnson had an idea as to whom had been behind it. In any case, Johnson was a driving force behind the cover-up that followed. However there is only circumstantial evidence, but there is a lot against LBJ.

The CIA in reference to its alleged involvement in the assassination, are referring primarily to the CIA's covert action personnel, i.e., those agents who deal in sabotage, propaganda, and assassination. There is evidence that suggests that some of the Agency's covert operations personnel have also taken part in drug trafficking. Most CIA personnel are not involved in such activities and would be appalled at any...

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