Assault In The City Essay

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Assault in the City
Difference Between Adult and Juvenile Correctional Facilities

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Assault in The City
Difference Between Adult and Juvenile Correctional Facilities
Sexual assaults in the United States has become a serious problem, whether in the juvenile population or the adult population. Adults who sexually offend may have been sexually abused as a child themselves. Juvenile sex offenders may grow up to commit over 380 sexual offenses in their lifetime (Nelson, 2007).
Juvenile correctional facilities and adult prisons are similar in that both are used to incarcerate and punish the offender. Adult prison may house a ...view middle of the document...

Treatment of juvenile sex offenders (JSO) has for many years been based on the same modalities of adults. Knowledge of the developmental, motivational, and behavioral differences between juveniles and adults has increased over the years, it has been found that therapeutic intervention for juveniles, has become more receptive to the diversity of the sexually abusive behavior and specific offending-related factors that are found among JSO (Przybylski, n.d.). Przybylski (n.d.) stated that some individuals insist that treatment can be modestly effective, while some remain uncertain that treatment works at all. There how ever has been some scientific evidence shown that therapeutic intervention for sex offending juveniles can and does work (Przybylski, n.d.).
Nelson (2007) stated though there are many types of treatment modalities that are used for juvenile sex offenders, the most common and frequently used modalities are cognitive-behavioral and multi-systemic, group therapy and family systems, relapse prevention, psycho-socio-educational therapy. Sexual addiction therapy along with biomedical. sexual trauma and psychoanalytic/psychodynamic/ego psychology approaches are also part of the treatment for JSO (Nelson, 2007).
Assessing amenability to treatment and risk assessment should consider three main strategies, Functional analyses, which is a tool that allows for investigation of antecedents, behaviors and consequences of the offense, Actuarial risk assessments which reveals the risk band in which an offender falls, (low, medium, high), (Beech, Fisher, & Thornton, 2003). Dynamic risk assessments this is where research meets clinical perception which may include assessment of factor that may be changeable in treatment like deviant sexual interest, attitudes of pro-offending, and socio-affective and self-management issues. Acute factors which may be related to imminent sexual offending (Beech, Fisher, & Thornton, 2003). Actuarial Risk Prediction are factor that are identified and then coded and scored to determine the likelihood of returning to incarceration for a sexual offense over a specified follow-up period (Beech, Fisher, & Thornton, 2003). There are two risk assessment scales Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol (JSOAP) AND Estimate of Risk of Adolescent Sexual Offender Recidivism (ERASOR) that are used for juvenile’s sexual offenders but neither have been cross-validated. JSOAP has four factors, sexual drive/preoccupation, (prior charges for a sexual offense, length of sexual history, evidence of sexual preoccupation, exploitation of the victim)....

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