Assertion, Non Assertion And Aggression Essay

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Assertive Awareness
Chapter 1,2,3

Dilitha Vithanage
FAST Colombo - QA

Chapter 1 : Assertion, Non-Assertion and Aggression

Key Points :

Assertion : Stating own needs without hampering others rights.
The aim is to find a way to do things by satisfying all parties to some level.

Non-Assertion : Not standing up to own rights, failing to express own opinion.
A way of thinking to satisfy others without taking actions for own needs.
The aim is to avoid conflicts/collisions.

Aggression : Try to do everything in own way without thinking of others.
Target is to win even without ...view middle of the document...

|Risk may be identified lately. |
| |Increase anger. |Others might not trust you. | |
|Aggression |Feeling guilty or shame. |Others may feel anger. |Attending customer needs may |
| |Constant state of alert. |Others may do other things |degrade. |
| |Loosing too much of energy. |behind you back. |Productivity lowers. |
| |Loose friendships. |Others productivity may |People may resign from the |
| | |decrease. |organization. |

Sometimes Aggressive works :

1) When authority is needed to handle some tight situations.
2) When it is needed to improve the productivity rapidly in a short period.

Benefits of the Assertiveness :

1) Increasing the probability of getting own needs done.
2) Improving the self-esteem.
3) Makes others feel better on you.
4) Increases responsibility.
5) Taking more initiatives.
6) Saving more physical energy as well as mental strength. (Because no need to fight with others.)
7) Relationships among staff improves and hence productivity improves.
8) Increases the level of accomplishing customer needs.
9) Improving the value of the organization.

Chapter 2 : Recognizing assertive, nonassertive and aggressive behaviour

Key Points :

Verbal aspects of assertion

1) Stating own ideas from statements such as “I think”, “My idea is..”
2) Short and to the point statements such as “It would be a good idea …”
3) Alternatives between ideas.
4) Suggestions.
5) Constructive criticism.
6) Questions to find out thoughts.
7) Looking at problems in different ways.

Verbal aspects of nonassertion

1) Long and complex statements.
2) Can see hesitant phrases inside sentences.
3) Always trying to justify themselves.
4) Constant apologizes and seeking permission.
5) Statements like “I should”, “I must”
6) Makes themselves down with words.

Verbal aspects of aggression

1) Lots of ‘I’ statements with heavy emphasis.
2) Boastfulness.
3) Bold opinions such as “That won’t work”
4) Threatening questions.
5) Blames for past events.
6) Sarcasm

Nonverbal aspects of assertiveness, aggression and nonaggression

1) Voice
- tone
- sarcastic or sincere
- warm or cold
- expressive or dull
- volume


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