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What do I want to develop? | Assertiveness skill |
How did I know this about myself? | I often find difficult to express my own opinions and say “no” to people even if the request is very inconvenient for me. |
What resources do I need to help me do this? | Support from personal tutor, mentors in practice; short courses provided by university or college;Reflection techniques which help to see improvement in a particular area over a period of time; |
How will I know if I have developed in this area? | Receive positive feedback from personal tutor, mentors in practice, senior colleagues at work place; annual appraisal, |
By what date do I need to have achieved my ...view middle of the document...

Assertive communication is one of the tools which helps nurses to fulfil this new role. An assertive nurse is confident enough to make a request to a physician to review a patient he/she is concern about. An assertive nurse is able to say “no”, feels free to ask for an advice, listens to a constructive criticism, makes confident statements of fact, without being judgmental. Still becoming assertive is not something which happens overnight, it is a skill which need to be developed and encouraged through education methods. Assertiveness training program increases not only ability of the professionals to use this important tool but also helps nurses to build their self- esteem ( Yen-Ru, 2008) what in long term improve their ability to speak up for their rights as well as the rights of the service users in their care. McCobe and Timming (2003) suggest role playing with a support from appropriate literature as a method of choice to develop effective verbal and non-verbal communication, what in many aspect is what assertiveness is all about.Assertiveness does not show people the “right” way to behave, it helps to open up, increases communication possibilities. It allows professionals to altar their habitual behaviour and empower the role of patient advocates (Gaddis, 2008). Putting assertiveness skill into practice helps to fulfil Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Code of Conduct standards which require professionals to put patient’s safety, dignity and well being first (NMC, 2008). Assertiveness in an important interpersonal skill which enable practitioners to develop and maintain caring, professional relationship with the service users. |
NB: List the key piece of work that you want your NU 1072 supervisor to look at in your eportfolio | |

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