Asses The View That Gender Difference In Achievement Are A Result Of Outside The Educational System

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Asses the view that gender difference in achievement are a result of outside the educational system.
The gender difference in achievement in the past and the present portray two different perspectives. In the past boys did better than girls’ bout as times go on due to internal and external factors this has changed as girls are doing better than boys in the current education system. In this essay it will explore how the perception of girls in past were perceived and how external factors has contributed to the change in the gender difference in achievement.
In the past girls underachieved in the education system due to the expectation created by wider society in the past. The fact of the ...view middle of the document...

Although it is argued that complete equality has not achieved the feminist movement has been very successful in improving women’s right through the changes of the law. As a consequence the expectation and self-esteem has risen. The question is how the impact of feminism effect girls’ achievement did. Well the fact that women women’s self-esteem and expectation increase also meant that they priorities have changed. McRobbie did a comparison of girls’ magazines in the 1970’s and the 1990’s. She found that in the 1970’s magazines emphasised the important tom marriage and not being ‘left on the shelf’, whereas nowadays, they contain pictures of assertive and imdepent women. Also through the media it highlights the importance of self-esteem and personal choice for a young woman. One problem in the past which lead girls to underachieve was due to low self-esteem but due to the influence of feminist views that have come to understand that they can take control of their own future and get a career.
Another factor is the major change in the family since 1970’s. There has been increased in divorce rate which implies that women no longer have to depend on men finical because they have education which allows them to get a job and become finically independent. They fact they women no longer have to depend on men has encouraged them and motivated them to better in school and get higher grades despite traditional view. Also an increase in cohabitation and a decrease in first marriages, an increase in lone-parent families and smaller families have affected girls’ attitude towards education in a number of ways. It is clear that through time that women have become independent finically but in order to so you need a good qualification which leads to a well-paid job. So for this to occur they need education.
Furthermore there has been important changed in women’s employment in recent decades. The 1970 Equal Pay Act makes it illegal to pay women less the men for work of equal value, and in 1975 they also introduced the Sex Discrimination Act which outlawed sex discrimination in employment. The proportion of women in employment has risen from 47% in 1959 to over 70% in 2007. The growth in the service sector and flexible part-time work has offered opportunities for women whereas the traditional ‘male’ jobs have decrease. The fact the women have better opportunities and better pay it provides them an incentive for girls to gain qualification and become like their female role models. However it is interesting that despite these changes the men still get the high-status jobs which may insinuate the discrimination is still occurring.
Additionally the view that changes in the family and employment and producing changes in girl’s ambitions is supported by the evidence of sociological research. Sharpe (1994) compared the interviews that she conducted in 1970 and 1990 and she found a major shift in the way girls saw themselves and their future. In 1974, the girls Sharpe...

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