Asses The View That The Education System Serves To Maintain A Capitalist Society

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Unit 1 Evidence Sheet


Ensure that all of your work is labelled correctly and stored in the correct locations. Use Frog to identify what you are missing.
|Unit 1 reference |What you should have in your work |Student Assessment |Assessor comments |
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12/5/12 |
|1.4 |Group discussion – Stake holder opinions |* | | |A well researched and presented |
| |Signed witness statements | | | |task. |
|1.5 |Group discussion – Sustainable development |* | | |As above |
| |Signed witness statements | | | | |
|1.6 |Group discussion – Ethical issues |* | | |As above |
| |Signed witness statements | | | | |
| | | | | | |
|2.1 |Mind map / Power point of enterprising opportunities at |* | | |No Evidence. Completed 12/5/12 |
| |school, home, town | | | | |
|2.2 |Small business plan based on idea from 2.1 |* | | |A good business idea that is |
| |SWOT analysis | | | |well laid out and thought |
| |Opportunity cost | | | |through. |
| |Risk v Reward | | | | |
| |Breakeven spreadsheet | | | | |
|2.3 |Within 2.2 - Opportunity costs |* | | |As above |
| | | | | | |
|2.4 |Within 2.2 – Risks V Rewards |* | | |As above |
|2.5 |Within 2.2 – Financial calculations | | |* |This requires the section to be|
| | | | | |completed with cash flow and |
| | | | | |break even. Completed 12/5/12 |
|2.6 |Power Point Presentation slides on your 2.1 idea. ...

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