Asses The View That The Main Role Of The Nuclear Family Is To Maintain A Patriarchal Society (24)

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A nuclear family consists of a farther, mother and two children, the farther usually plays the instrumental role whilst the mother plays the expressive role, this is said to be the typical gender stereotypes within the nuclear family however feminists point out that this is a patriarchal society and women seem to have less economic power than men.

Radical feminists strongly state that the main role of the nuclear family is to maintain a patriarchal society, they back this up with the fact they believe that it's only for the benefit of men and creates male superiority, radical feminist say that men oppress women and exploit them and say they use their superior strength, capacity for violence and the biological fact that females depend ...view middle of the document...

However liberal feminists on the other hand believe things are gradually becoming better for women compared to many years ago in both the family and society and this is shown by recent statistics showing that up to 70% of divorces are initiated by women and they also look at things like women are now allowed to vote and are given an equal pay so they say that patriarchy is less dominant within the family and say things are gradually improving.

However functionalists say that all feminists are ignoring the positive aspects that the family brings to society and the individual whatever gender and say that they only focus on the negative aspects of the family.

Marxists argue the main role of the family is to promote capitalism and say class based inequalities are far more troublesome for society then gender inequalities and say class divisions teach children not to challenge the bourgeoisie and will just become oppressed workers.

Postmodernist argue that the modern nuclear family is no longer a place ruled by men and an oppressive place for women due to easy access of things like divorces.

In conclusion radical and Marxists feminists argue that gender has over shadowed the true division of class and liberal feminist say that things are slightly improving for women in the nuclear family for women as more women are now starting to follow a career.

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