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Assess The Aims And Nature Of Nazi Foreign Policy

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Assess the aims and nature of Nazi Foreign policy to September 1939

The aims and nature of Nazi Foreign policy up to September 1939 were ambitious yet hostile to others in nature, ultimately derived from Hitler’s worldview in creating a perfect German society. The ultimate aim of the policy centered on the destruction of the Treaty of Versailles, strategically set to be achieved through long and short-term goals. Territorial expansion and the desire for a racially pure Germany were encompassed in the long-term view of Nazi Foreign policy, however to achieve this, Hitler realised that he would first have to take smaller steps. This is observed through his establishment of the short-term ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, this goal of territorial expansion was observed by Hitler to be substantially effective before war due to the lack of response by Britain and France in Germany remilitarizing the Rhineland. Therefore, this suggests that Hitler’s long-term Nazi Foreign policy aim of territorial expansion was provingly effective before the breakout of WW2.

The additional long-term goal of Nazi Foreign Policy in producing a racially pure Germany was substantially effective, due to the implementation of already present laws and propaganda, largely through an unsympathetic and harsh nature. This goal was to be achieved through Hitler’s desire in removing the Jewish race from within Germany’s borders. The implementation of laws such as the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, The Reich Citizenship Act and the Blood Protection Act, all removed the rights of Jewish people regarding their civil liberties and their right to German citizenship. Shirer postulates that Jews had been excluded either by law or Nazi terror, which is furthermore seen through the actions taken against Jews during Kristallnauht, where 20,000 Jews were detained. Additionally, after this night, treatment towards Jews became increasingly radical, using it as propaganda to highlight the corrupt nature of Jews and thus eliminate them from German society. This included undesirables being placed in concentration camps and the use of euthanasia to kill handicapped and mentally ill people, totaling in over a quarter of a million deaths. Thus, this reveals the brutal nature in which the goal of a racially pure Germany was set to be achieved up to September 1939.

The short-term goal of undoing of the Treaty of Versailles was a reasonable aim in attempting to gain Germany’s freedom back, sought to be achieved through presenting a ‘changed’ Germany, through entering treaties with Britain and France and through Hitler blankly trying his luck. Hitler describes the Treaty as a ‘boundless instrument of repression’, primarily restricting Germany economically and militarily. The cancellation of reparations payments in 1932 had been a...

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