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Assess The Contribution Of Christianity In Australia Towards Reconciliation, In The Past 25 Years

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Assess the contribution of Christianity in Australia towards Reconciliation, in the past 25 yearsReconciliation refers to the Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people of Australia. It is a process of recognizing the differences in society between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians and attempting to repair the damage between the 2 societies within Australia. It is a goal and a process together trying to be achieved within Australian society. The history of Aboriginal Australians is long and conflicting containing examples of dispossession, stolen generation, loss of kinship and connection to land. The process of reconciliation is aiming to heal the wrong doings of the past and as Kevin ...view middle of the document...

Interfaith dialogue is when different faiths talk to each other on an organisational level, coming together to form a single Christian church to collaborate together towards social justice issues and other topics within Australia. The National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) was formed on the basis of interfaith dialogue and ecumenism. Ecumenism relates to the different aspects of Christianity coming together to discuss similarities and differences of organisation and belief. "Organised attempt to bring about the cooperation and unity of all believers in Christ"Anglican and Catholic denominations of the Christian faith have both made significant contributions to the process of Reconciliation within Australia. The Anglican Reconciliation working group formed by Anglicare in 1999 and supported by NATSIAC and the Anglican board of mission (ABM) are deeply invested in the process of reconciliation. They have composed a response to the draft Declaration for Reconciliation. This was then sent this off to all Anglican parishes across Australia asking for comments and feedback on their response. The response will be spread throughout Australia as well as motivating other Anglican churches to become involved in the process of Reconciliation. Formation of the group by the 2 Anglican Church organisations is directly addressing the long process of reconciliation by creating awareness to the people of Australia.Since the start of reconciliation in the 1990s the Anglican Church has set aside a Week of Prayer for Reconciliation which goes from May the 27th (1967 Referendum day) to the 3rd of June (known as Mabo day). It is part of the process of reconciliation which has been happening since the 1990s. This contributes to the reconciliation process by allowing people to reflect on the past through prayer therefore allowing Australia to move forward into our future.The Corroboree 2000 'sorry' Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk on the 28th of May in 2000 is another example of Anglican contribution to the process of Reconciliation. It was a major National Event organized by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation which would mark a significant landmark for Reconciliation in Australia. The event was very successful with over 250,000-300,000 people participating in the walk and supporting the process of reconciliation. As well as celebrating the feats of reconciliation achieved at this point it was also highlighting a lack of formal apology towards the Indigenous people of Australia for the wrong doings of the past.ANTAR is another group dedicated to the process of reconciliation within Australia. They focus on having a "reconciled Australia a place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are valued, respect and affirmed across all areas of society". The Sea of Hands is one of ANTAR'S largest and most successful reconciliation community campaigns. It was first held on 12th October 1997 in Canberra. The Sea of Hands display is a prominent, popular and...

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