Assess The Effects Of Policies Designed To Create An Education Market In Uk

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Assess the effects of policies designed to create an education market in UK
The UK government has designed policies in the past to bring about an education market; an education market is a system whereby educational establishments (such as schools) are forced to be competitive. Policies that have been introduced have led to increased parental control, removal of state control over establishments and league tables where i.e. exam results are compared; many of the policies either the same as or built upon the 1988 Education Reform Act introduced by Margaret Thatcher; Margaret was the Prime Minister at the time and was a part of the Conservative Political Party, therefore, the New Right tend ...view middle of the document...

Parentocracy has however been criticized as being a “myth” created as an illusion by marketization; the selectivity of schools with high-demand will reproduce inequalities as the highest achieving students are likely to be middle-class students whom are not hindered by things such as material deprivation that working-class students will experience and then fall into lower ranked schools on the published league tables.
The New Labour see marketization as reducing inequality and promoting diversity; as of 1997 the Labour Government introduced several policies such as the designation of “Educational Action Zones” (areas that would be provided with extra funding and resources to bring about equality, the introduction of “Educational Maintenance Allowances” (money that was given to students from lower income backgrounds to encourage them to stay in school and also a proposed increase in the school leaving age to 18 year old by 2015. The promotion of diversity has been achieved via the...

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