Assess The Indivdual In Health And Social Care Setting

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Assess the individual in a health and social care setting
1. Understand assessment processes
2.1 Compare and contrast the range and purpose of different forms of assessment
There are many forms I use to assess an individual’s needs. The first bit of the information comes from Derby City Council, which is called a outcome based support assessment. This is what they use to identify someone’s needs and how much care they require. The information on this document is great for Derby City to use, but I also need to do my own and adapt it so it’s easier for a care worker to understand as they are the ones who will be doing the care. It’s important that I read this document before going ...view middle of the document...

I also look at what can cause them to fall such as medical conditions, medication, communication, clothing and mental state
* Nutritional Risk Assessment
* Here I look at things that could effect the service users food intake and impact on their ability to eat and drink. This is done by looking at a number of thins such as any medical conditions they have, any problems they have with regards to chewing/swallowing foods and any assistance needed to eat. At this stage we also look to see if a M.U.S.T is required and what steps we can take to ensure someone’s weight goes back up to where it should be.
* Skin Care Assessment
* The form I use is a score sheet, which I use to assess whether someone is at risk of pressure sores. Many factors are taken into consideration such as level on consciousness, mobility and continence. Once the score is added up I can assess whether someone is low or high level at developing a pressure sore and what actions need to be taken if someone is deemed high risk.
* Medication Risk Assessment
* This form enables me to see what level of support a service user requires for their medication and whether they require assistance from their care worker or whether they have capacity to administer their own medication
* Environmental Risk Assessment
* A lot of this form is looking at the likelihood and severity of an incident occurring in the home and assessing how these risks can be reduced. I look at it from a care worker and a service users prospective. I look at the security of the home and how it’s managed, any loose carpets or flooring, cluttered areas etc.

2.2 Explain how partnership work can positively support assessment processes

It’s important to have a good working relationship with the different partnerships I work with, which includes Derby City Council, Doctors and District Nurses. Working with them means we can all share information with regards to the service user, such as any changes in a person’s needs, especially if they’ve just been discharged from hospital and their needs are different. Working with them means I can change the care plan and assessment straight away, without having to go and reassess it myself. I also work closely with local pharmacies and doctors around the changing of a person’s medication. It’s important that we work closely together to ensure that the service user is having the correct medication at all times.

2. Be able to lead and contribute to assessments
3.3 Initiate early assessment of the individual

I always ensure that care plans and assessments are completed within the first day of a service user moving into Sunnyfield so the care workers know exactly what is required of them whilst at the call. It is also important that the care worker knows any medical history re the service user before undertaking any tasks with them.

3.4 Support the active participation of the individual in shaping the assessment process

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