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Assessing An Individual's Competence, Behavior, And Mental Health

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History of Psychological Assessment
Theresa Schlafer
Measurements and Statistics/525
April 10, 2010
Michelle McGuire, Psy.D, LCPC, LCADC

History of Psychological Assessment
Psychological assessment is used for assessing an individual’s competence, behavior, and mental health. Many assessment techniques created over a hundred years ago are an influential part of today’s psychological assessment techniques. A famous technique known as Wundt’s Laboratory is an influential part of psychological assessments. Outlined within this paper are the historic roots of Wundt’s Laboratory and the significance of the technique on modern psychology. Finally discussed is an assessment of the ...view middle of the document...

Psychology during this point in the late 1800s became an experimental science studying the mind on an organic functional level. Researchers no longer regarded psychology as functions and dysfunctions of the brain as an organ (Northern Illinois University, n.d.). Responses to stimuli became the foundation of Wundt’s Laboratory. The laboratory in turn became the foundation to many psychology journal entries, psychological testing and theories, and contemporary psychological assessment.
Introspection became a method widely used by Wundt’s students recruited to work the labs at Leipzig. Introspection includes self-awareness and observations of an individual’s inner conscious thoughts and feeling (Wozniak, 1999). The awareness of inner thoughts and feelings can include sensations, desires, and feelings. Experimental psychology at this point in the timeline was now widely practiced in Germany, and Wundt pioneered the laboratory models and experiments conducive to the experiments performed. The science of psychology was now the main focus and attention to brain functions and the science of the brain took on a new focus. The brain was never regarded as a working organism causing psychological issues like the brain is today. Theory and speculation of individuals psychological stability was once the common way of dealing with psychology. The discovery of the physiological aspect of psychology changed the way scientist and physicians handled patients.
Wundt’s assessment technique almost never made it to the United Sates because interpretation was difficult. A student of Wundt’s namedTitchener helped interpret Wundt’s studies and articles related to Wundt’s Laboratory. Wundt wrote hundreds of periodicals regarding his findings in psychology with the most popular writings part of the...

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