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Assessing And Improving A Learning Environment Nursing Essay

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According to Hood and Leddy, (2003) learning process is a dependant on an interchange between the learner and environments. Since the ward restricts the amount of students, the ward is a conducive place to learn. They do not have to ‘fight’ for procedures since everyone would have adequate experiences. This is an advantages compare to other wards at the hospital. Learning materials such as pamphlet and drug books are also available at the nursing counters for the staff and students to read. The latest updates or protocols are also displayed in the notice board. To support the learning, it is better if there is a library in the unit or within the hospital compound. With library available, ...view middle of the document...

In my opinion the student have to be more active in their learning. Sweeney, (1986) notes that in nursing clinical practice the better approach for teaching is the student should be more student centred than teacher centred. I always encourage my student to be more initiative and active in their learning. For example when they find some interesting cases, instead of asking me immediately about it, I will ask them to look for the information first and we will discuss again once the information is gathered. I find out by using this method their level of understanding would be more compared to when I would just explaining the subject immediately.

Brown, (2009) concluded that interdisciplinary collaboration would enhance learning and prepare the students for their collaborative interactions in their future employment. In my current workplace, the physiotherapist, dietician and social worker would come and review the patient twice a week. I think, if the students could tag them around for a day, the students would benefit a lot. The students would gain new knowledge and would be expose to how other departments worked.

Quinn, (1995) argues that learning in clinical placement is much more meaningful and relevant than classrooms. Specialist ward round or grand round are done twice a week. During this time the oncologist, radiologist and pharmacist would do their clinical round together. The students are encouraged to join the round. During these rounds a lot of knowledge would pass around as the three groups...

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