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Assessing The External Environment Of Pwc Office In Cairo

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Assessing the Marketing Environment of:

The Company’s Microenvironment & Macro environment
As a service organization, employees represent the most and almost the only considerable asset of PwC. Hence marketing department works closely with HR under the supervision of top management to assess and meet the employee needs, make PwC a better working place, and attract and maintain the most qualified candidates to deliver superior value to employees, who should in turn deliver superior value to clients. This is implemented as follows:
* Working closely with universities that supply the most qualified candidates. The objective is to be introduced to ...view middle of the document...

PwC usually sponsors and participates in the employment fairs being held in most reputable universities like Cairo University and the American University in Cairo (AUC). Top level officials- like Mr Sherif Mansour, the tax leader partner – are very interested in attending those student events.
More to the point, PwC-Egypt is implementing a “Student talk program” that aims at assessing the needs of the students and their perceptions of the working environment and labor market.
Marketing Intermediaries:
PwC deals mainly with financial marketing intermediaries. Including banks, credit companies, insurance companies, and other businesses that help finance transactions or insure against the risks associated with operations.
All member firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited are obliged to deal with the same bank: HSBC-Global. Subsequently, PwC-Egypt purchases all its financial services from HSBC-Egypt.
However, when purchasing legal or insurance services, PwC makes a tender (invites qualified firms, usually those that have big and reputable names, to submit proposals. A committee is then formed to review proposals and select the most convenient...

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