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Assessment Of Conflict Resolution Strategies Within An Online Learning Team

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Conflict Resolution Strategies within an Online- Learning Team

In an online university setting, a group of students are placed into a learning team to develop and pursue a common objective of completing an assignment. Within completing this assignment, a number of events must transpire with the group to keep open lines of communication. Through the process of assigning roles and making decisions conflict is sometimes unavoidable. This paper will define the types of conflicts within a learning team; describe the styles of conflicts as well as the strategies to resolve the conflicts.
The types of conflicts that can be found are substantive, procedural and affective. The substantive ...view middle of the document...

The accommodation style of a conflict is when a group member will not share his or her thoughts on a group project due to the fact that they wish to not cause a conflict. Unfortunately, the group member might have a thought or direction in which could enhance the group goals. The competition style conflict may be seen when a group member will not back down from his or her own thoughts or ideas and thus will not allow or accept other group members to supersede his or her goals. The compromise style of a conflict can be found when team mates will meet each other half way on a particular issue that is being debated. “Group members who approach conflict through compromise argue that it is a fair method of resolving problems since everyone loses equally.” (Engleberg, 2003, p.151) The collaboration style conflict can be noted in a group when they are trying to achieve both the individual as well as the group’s goals. There are advantages and disadvantage of a collaboration style conflict in that the entire group must be willing to partake in achieving both individual and group goals for each member of the group.
The strategies in which to help reduce the conflicts can be found in a wide variety of methods. For example in Engleberg, Wynn, & Schuttler (2003) the Wisinski’s A-E-I-O-U Model can effectively speak about problems and suggest alternative responses. The steps in the A-E-I-O-U Model are as follows: A—Assume the other members mean well. E—Express your feelings. I—Identify what you would like to happen. O—Outcomes you expect are made clear.
U—Understanding on a mutual basis is achieved. The steps listed can take the team through a proactive approach in resolving a conflict to reach a common goal for the team. Another strategy that can be helpful in resolving a conflict would be through negotiation. The negotiation process will assist a team in compromising with each other to meet a common goal with the group. The rules of the negotiation process are to separate the team members’ from the problem, focus on the goals, generate solutions instead of more problems and require that objectives are set to reach the goal instead of looking for the negative in the situation. An attribute to using the negotiation process is that the group will move forward instead of backwards and thus reaching a solution to the problem at hand for each side of the group. In addition, another method of resolving a conflict might include mediation. This method is used when none of the team members can settle the...

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