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Alternative Assessment
An assessment in which students create an original response to answer a certain question. Students respond to a question using their own ideas, in their own words. Examples of alternative assessment are short-answer questions, essays, oral presentations, demonstrations, performance assessment, and portfolios. Other activities included in this type are teacher observation and student self-assessment.
* Components of Alternative Assessment
a) Assessment is based on authentic task that demonstrate students’ ability to accomplish communication goals.
b) The teacher and students focus on communication, not on right and wrong answers.
c) Students ...view middle of the document...

It is an alternative form of assessing the performance of the students that represent a set of strategies for the application of knowledge, skills, and work habits through the performance of tasks that are meaningful and engaging to students (Hibbard, 1996) and (Brualdi,1998) in her article “implementing Performance Assessment in the Classroom.” From the definitions if the two well-known authors, students are required to perform a task rather than select an answer from a given list of options. It also provides teacher information about how the students understand and apply knowledge and allow the teacher to integrate performance assessment in the instructional process to provide additional learning activities for the students in the classroom.
Paper and Pencil Test vs. Performance-Based Assessment
Paper and pencil test measures learning indirectly. When measuring factual knowledge and when solving well-structured mathematical problems, it is better to use paper and pencil test. In this case, teacher asked question which indicates skills that have been learned or mastered. Usually assessed low level thinking skills, or beyond recall level. While performance-based assessment is a direct measure of learning or competence. This indicates that cognitive complex outcomes, affective and psychomotor skills have been mastered. Examples of performances that can be judged or rated directly by the evaluators are preparing a microscope slide in laboratory class, performing gymnastics or a dance in a physical education class, cooking demonstration, diving in a swimming class. In these kinds of activities, the teacher observes and rates the students based from their performances. The teacher or evaluator provides feedback immediately in how the students performed to carry out their performance task.

Selection Type | Supply Type | Product | Performance |
True-false | Completion | Essay, story or poem | Oral presentation of report |
Multiple-choice | Label a diagram | Writing portfolio | Musical, dance, or dramatic performance |
Matching type | Short answer | Research report | Typing test |
| Concept map | Portfolio exhibit, Art exhibit | Diving |
| | Writing journal | Laboratory demonstration |
| | | Cooperation in group works |

Performance Tasks
Performance tasks provide a common means of assessment. As the title implied, the students will be asked to do...

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