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When working with children and young people in any setting understanding ‘Duty of Care’ is
paramount. Prepare an information document to be used during the induction process of a new
member of staff. Be sure that you relate it to your work role and clearly identify any reference
to other documentation. Carefully consider how the information is presented to ensure that
each area is produced under clear headings.

Task 1 links to learning outcome 1, assessment criteria 1.1 and 1.2.
Write an explanation of:
No matter who they are, every person should be supported and helped to live in an environment that is safe and free from bullying, abuse etc. Therefore the the responsibilities ...view middle of the document...

There are various ways in which children in my setting are safeguarded, some of these are;
>Carrying out regular risk assessments in my setting environment and outtings we go on, taking precautions to avoid potential hazards which might lead to harm to teh children which could be either accidents or spreading of infections.
>setting clear boundaries and expectations of childrens behaviour and using strategies to discourage behaviour which may harm or distress others according to the stage of development of each child.
>Observing children and assessing their development, being alert to any indications that their progress is not as broadly expected for children of their age, so that relevant action can be taken in partnership with parents and other professionals.
>Understanding the ways children may be abused by others being aware of the signs that a child may be experiencing such harm, and following appropriate procedures if abuse is suspected.

In my role i have a duty of care to raise any concerns which I may have about any aspect of your work. These can range from inadequate working conditions, poor equipment, poor practice by other staff; to raising concerns about potential abuse cases and situations of neglect. As a childminder, it is my duty of care to safeguard individuals from harm.
Task 2 (a) links to learning outcome 2, assessment criteria 2.1 and 2.2.

Write a description of:
* potential conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an
individual’s rights

In situations where there is a conflict of interest or a dilemma between individuals rights and your duty of care, it is best practice to make sure the invidual is aware of the consquences of their choice and that they have the mental capacity to understand the risks involved in their choice. It is their right as an indiviual to be able to make informed choices about their own lives even if you disagree with their choice. Children have rights, such as those set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Parents righst are modified by their responsibilities towards the children. The Chldren ACt 1989 mad eclear that it is the welfare of the child that is paramount, and the law often gives priority to childrens rights, overriding those of parents. Anyone who works with childrens needs to recognise the resonsibilities of parents and make sure they do not make them surplus to requirment. As their carer you only play a temporary role in their life whilst a parent is a long life role. Therefore when exercising your duty of care, the carer needs to make sure that they are sensitive to the ways of which you are intervening as to not cause conflict with their rights and responsibilities.

Risk Taking: The duty of care could conflict with childrens rights to have expereinces which ade their development and learning. So children can learn how to predict and avoid dangerous situations, it is important that an element of risk taking is...

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