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Assignment 1.1

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Exercise 1.1 Personal Choices in Decision Making
Nicole Shafer
University of the Potomac
Negotiations Management (MGMT424)
Sunday, February 21, 2016 (Tuesday, February 23, 2016)
Will Walker


Part one talks about the instructions of the exercise and my opinion towards it. The reason for choosing the answers that I did for each choice set. Part two talks about the scoring and categorizing myself under the individualistic column and why. The agreement with the scoring placement and what individualistic and individualism is. The third part talks about the management style of individualistic and the perspective of the employee and the manager.

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I do agree with this scoring that I am individualistic in many ways, including working alone and focusing on myself. I have found that if I work alone that I can own up to the mistakes I have made and fix them, when working with someone else than I might have to help fix a mistake the other person made. In some cases be accused of making the mistake when the other person had made it. I know that working independently I am doing it correctly, I feel this way in all aspects of my life.
“According to DeSanctis, the individualistic view, traditionally held by economists and psychologists, holds that groups are assemblies of individuals, and that the goal of the assembly is the same as the goal of the individual: maximization of individual gain” (George, Marett, & Giordano, 2008, 653-676). In my words I feel that this means that individualistic view is mainly about personal gain and making sure that out of everyone involved that I am the most important.
Individualism in my own words would mean being able to work independently and not needing the help of others to accomplish tasks, projects, etc. “Individualism is a social psychological term that refers to the ways in which people identify themselves and focus on their goal. In addition, individualists tend to define their own identities according to their own personal behaviors...

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