Assignment 1

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Task 1

Unit 17 – Project Planning with IT

The purpose and audience for my e-magazine is to be an interesting read for both gamers
and non-gamers alike. The magazine both informs and entertains the readers with brand
new news of video games and also rumours, speculations, upcoming events surrounding
video games etc. the magazine will inform the readers of the areas of gaming that they are
unaware or do not much about. It will have sections that review games, interview
developers etc.

The main audience that I am going to be aiming this e-magazine at is mainly gamers who
subscribe to magazines to find out more about their favourite game or anticipated game.
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The client’s need’s will be my first
priority as I will need to adapt the product to the point where it fits my client’s requirements.
Audiences are also stakeholders as they will be the ones that are determining the success of the
products by purchasing them. Popularity of a product will be determined by customer’s demand
which will then lead to a successful project. The opposite is true if the products were not as popular
and isn’t selling well as the outcome of the project can then be a failure. I will be creating the
product from scratch with the target audience’s preferences in mind. Doing this will allow me to
create an product that is tailored to appeal the specific audience type (gamers) that the E-magazine
will mostly like be purchased by. At the same time I will only be making sure that that people who
are not knowledgeable of games are able to read the E-magazine.

Riku Das

BTEC Level 3 ICT

Graham Smithies

Task 1

Unit 17 – Project Planning with IT

Government Laws
Government Laws are a factor when it comes to creating my E-magazine. Especially with my Emagazine being all online it is important that it abides by the regulations of different Government
laws out there e.g. Data Protection Act 1998. The project needs to be created around the rules of
government laws. These laws ‘need’ to be followed as breaking even one can lead to the failure of
the project. An example of where a law is used in a project the project will be using images. If an
image is copyrighted then it cannot be used by anyone unless permission has been given by the
Project Management
The project manager will be me Riku Das. As the person who manages over the project to ensure it is
to the client’s needs I will be a major stakeholder in the project as many of the things implemented
into the E-magazine will be my creation/ideas.
Keeping the workforce going will be me who as a stakeholder in the project, will be allocating tasks
to employees and making important decisions regarding the E-magazine. As the project manager I
play a huge role in the success of a project. Every major project needs a project manager to be

There are risks involved in making an E-magazine on video games. Gamers tend to be quite touchy
when it comes to the subject of games and the gaming world. There are possibilities such as getting
facts wrong or putting incorrect information into the magazine which put the readers off. There are
also the risks that readers buy the magazine for a certain section or to find out about a certain
game/console. If information on these preferences are missing from later editions of the magazine
then customers will be unsatisfied. Another risk is that a certain article we cover may already be
used by other gaming magazines.

Risk Mitigation
To avoid most of these risks we will create a feedback form specifically for the audience to give us
suggestions or what...

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