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Assignment 1 Learning Coach

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An Introduction to the Welsh Education Context for Learning Coaching

1.1 The education structure available to learners aged 14-19 in Wales.
The learning pathways aims to focus on a more flexible and balanced approach to the education of 14-19 year olds, which provides a wider range of experiences in a range of different environments, colleges, six forms, work based learning or apprenticeship schemes.
Pupils aged between 14-16 are educated in secondary schools. They follow the national curriculum which consists of compulsory subjects, English, maths, science and welsh and foundation subjects, geography, history, art, music etc. Religious education is taught according to agreed local ...view middle of the document...

There are also three elements of support for the learner. Each learner is entitled to a Learning Coach. The learner has an entitlement to learning support, opportunity to discuss learning and progress on a regular basis.
The learner is also entitled to personal support. This allows them access to personal support – when needed, self referral, or by agreement with learner or referral by someone else.
The learner is given careers advice and guidance, this informs then of the individual learning pathways available to them.
1.3 Explain the learning and curriculum entitlement including statutory requirements of the education provisions for 14-19 learners e.g. learning and skills (Wales) measure 2009.
There are five compulsory subjects at GCSE level, English, maths, Welsh, science and physical education. There are also other statuary requirements this includes personal and social education, religious education, sex education, careers and the world of work.
PSE is a process of experiences, values and emotions which are shared, explained and reflected. PSE helps pupils to take responsibility for their own learning.
Sex education informs pupils about social, emotional and physical aspects of growing up, forming relationships, awareness of sexuality, sexual health and general well being. Sex education also helps pupils to recognise and avoid abuse and exploitation.
Religious education teaches pupils about the different world religions as well as traditions and values of society.
Careers and the world of work help learners to appreciate the value of education, qualifications and skills and to make links to the world of work. They can also develop skills and motivation required by employers during their adult working life.

Explain qualification types and levels and their appropriateness for different learners and learning pathways.
There are a number of different qualification types, these include vocational qualifications (BTEC), GCSE’s, AS/A Levels and Welsh Baccalaureate.
QCF qualifications are made up of unit levels. For the less able learner there is an entry level qualifications, they can be taken in subjects such as English, maths and ICT. They recognise basic knowledge and skills. Learners that complete these qualifications would be able to apply skills and knowledge with guidance and supervision.
Level 1 of the QCF equals D to G at GCSE level also a BTEC diploma at level 1 i.e. a diploma in photography. Level 2 equals GCSE’s A* to C, NVQ at level 2. Level 3 equals A levels.
The QCF credits each unit achieved – one credit equals 10 hours of learning time in the class, homework, research, practical or work placement.
The Welsh Baccalaureate is a mixture of traditional qualifications such as GCSE’s, NVQ’s and personal development skills. The Welsh Bac is in two parts, the options and the core. The core builds skills, interests and is made of components, essential skills, individual investigation, work related...

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