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Assignment 1 Predictive Policing

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Predictive Policing
Walter Clay
Strayer University
Predictive Policing
In order to compare and contrast the application of information technology (IT) to optimize police departments’ performance to reduce crime versus random patrols of the streets. We have to look into the technologies available to them today. Predictive policing has become the one of leading standard for police departments today. Predictive policing primary role is to simply pre-empt crime, it is rooted heavily in business analytics and relies advanced technical tools and data analysis. In 2009, Charlie Beck, Chief of Detectives for the Los Angeles defined predictive policing in the following terms: “With new ...view middle of the document...

Technology is in a constant state of development, and it is evolving faster than it can be implemented, todays police forces are now leveraging these new technologies to place themselves in a better position to detect and prevent crimes. The first element, integrated information and operation, removes stovepipes allowing easier access to relevant information. Have a strong leader is necessary to develop network-centric policing. It centers on the development, management, and operating an integrated information infrastructure. One of the major downsides to IT is various organizations have information isolated within their departments, and the police departments are no different. Many police departments have multiple databases that are connected to a central source. This caused a breakdown in data sharing within the organization. For this information to be useful today it has to be cross functional and connected to police information systems. Poor data collection sharing has limited and prohibited effective examination and investigation of crimes. Long term for the police to predict future crimes and take the actions necessary they will need to have a complete picture of the current situation. Police can no longer wait to integrate their information systems, they have to see the big picture.
The second element, seeing the big picture, is understood in several different methods. But simple stated, is seeing the most important facts relevant to a situation and the effects they have on that situation and other things. In order for the police to see the big picture, they need to be able to get an integrated picture within on an entire area of concern, plus, use data effectively to plan resources and develop visions for all neighborhoods under their jurisdiction. It is vital to view each case that forces encounter as data collecting opportunity. This information is in turn used to see what patterns are developing in their areas of responsibility. Every call that an officer responds to takes time and energy, but the most importation thing is that the officer. It is imperative the police are able to use the data collected to then see patterns emerging in neighborhoods. Daily cases can use up a police’s time and energy but the goal is to get beyond task at hand and develop new plans for better crime prevention.
The third element, cutting edge analysis and technology, is as simple as it states. “There is a wealth of tools and technology already available and it is imperative that departments learn how to use them.” (Predictive Policing Symposium, 2010)
The fourth element, linkage to performance, which is tracking the performance of what happens when the data is used. You have to track the performance of the police, targets and the crime trends. By tracking this information you can forecast and possibly predict future crimes. The technologies that are available to police today allow them to develop and substitute their own data versus...

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