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Assignment 302 Task B

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Assignment 302, Task B


When a student feels excluded, bored or that they're not “getting it”, it's hard for learning to take place, if at all.

The purpose of this is to explain some of the factors behind these common feelings learners can experience - and how we can minimise them so that learning can take place and students feel happy and included.

There are many barriers to learning that will affect individual students in different ways. For the purpose of this assignment, we will focus on those that we should consider when planning a lesson.

These are: teaching and learning approach, resources, and assessment method.

If the individuals in the learning group are not ...view middle of the document...

The rationale behind this is to get the learners talking to each other as an icebreaker and get them to start thinking about the subject, so they're primed for the next section.
Worksheet – After getting some feedback and discussion going from the buzzgroup, I'll give the learners a worksheet to complete as individuals. This acts as an informal assessment to find out what the learner's knowledge is like on the subject, and whether I need to adapt my presentation for the group.
Presentation – This is used to deliver the main information in this session. I've chosen a presentation because I can use images (via powerpoint) to show the learners what they need to do or look for, to help prevent a plumbing emergency. I can incorporate questions and pose, pause, pick questioning to keep the learners engaged and as a way of informal ongoing assessment. Used regularly throughout the presentation, I can immediately shorten or elaborate on the points I'm making based on the learner's feedback.
Formal assessment – this is to see whether the information from all the previous activities in the session has made an impact, and whether learning has taken place. This will be a blank space worksheet for the learners to fill out on their own.

The subject I'll be teaching is best suited to a workshop environment. This isn't available, so I plan to use the following resources to help deliver the information and make learning take place.

Worksheets – These will be used for informal and formal assessment. They are quick to hand out, easy for the learners to see and understand, and have a zero chance of technical failure.

Flipchart – This is used for me to write the answers generated from the buzzgroup. I'm using this because a whiteboard is not available (it's being used for the powerpoint presentation), the learners can see it clearly, and we can keep it up as a reference for the rest of the session.

Powerpoint – This is going to be used to provide supporting images in my presentation. The images will help the learners...

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