Assignment 5 Diploma Level 3

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11th April 2012

Assignment 5


ICT is a valuable tool for supporting the learning as it extends teaching and learning in many ways. It allows teaches and pupils to use visual and auditory media to extend learning and encourage pupils to become actively involved.
Having the ICT technology in schools it encourages the pupils to access a wide range of information and communication opportunities and enables pupils to store and retrieve, draft and redraft, test and analyse. This develops there learning skills that are required for the National Curriculum. These skills include: Communication skills, problem-solving, ...view middle of the document...

Photocopiers should be located in well-ventilated areas, and pupils should not be allowed to handle toners and inks or try to repair faults. Also ICT equipment should be safe as long as it is used properly and checked regularly. However pupils will need to be regularly reminded of the correct procedures. Pupils should be taught to switch on, log on to and shut down computers correctly; computers can be damaged and work lost if they are turned off incorrectly.
* Comfort – When pupils are sat at their work stations they should be in a comfortable position, with easy access to all equipment. Also the users must be able to adjust their position in relation to the equipment as appropriate. The teaching assistant should go round and check each pupil to make sure they have done this. All pupils when using ICT equipment should change their posture frequently and take frequent ten minutes breaks away from the computer to stretch their limbs, which the teaching assistant should monitor while the teacher is delivering the lesson.
* Desk and workstations – The workstation should have enough space for paper, books and other materials, including any special educational needs equipment such as overlay keyboards so the teaching assistant will make sure each workstation area is clear before the lesson starts. There should also be space for more than one pupil at a time, and for the teacher to gain access. It is important to keep gangways and emergency exits are clear to. A good ICT desk design should incorporate cable management and may be modular to allow flexible arrangements. All desks should be at the appropriate height for the users.

The school policy should give guidelines outlining the specific requirements you should follow when supporting ICT. It is important that the teaching assistant is aware of what kinds of risks pupils may face and what to do if they discover any hazards or faults. The Health and Safety regulations state that employers must ensure that risk assessments are made and put in place to manage any identified risk.
The teaching assistant should consider the following when equipment is set in up in the classroom or the ICT suite which looks at the Health and Safety issues in relation to using ICT.
* All electrical installations must be carried out by a qualified electrician.
* All equipment is at a reliable standard and should be checked annually by qualified electricians which is called PAT testing.
* No cabling should be trailing on the floor which can cause someone to trip over the trailing wires.
* The seating used by the pupils should be the correct size for the pupils using the equipment.
* The benching should be sturdy enough to with stand the weight of the hardware and additional equipment stored on it.
* The interactive whiteboards should be within reach of all children without them having to stand on anything.
* If the pupils are using programmable toys such as remote control cars...

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