Assignment 6 Competency: Interpersonal Skills And Healthcare Practice

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Assignment 6 Competency: Interpersonal Skills and Healthcare Practice
Interpersonal skills in the healthcare setting are a must. You as a medical provider no matter how big or small must know how to communicate with the patrons your facility services. According to Beverly Davis (n.d.) defines interpersonal skills in the healthcare setting as skills that can relax a patient during data gathering and promote the patient's confidence in the health care worker, establish trust and reduce resistance to therapy and improve the ability of the patient to cope with and recover from injury or illness.
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They are as follows:
1) Introduce Yourself and Orient the Patient
2) Identify Risk Behaviors
3) Identify Safer Behaviors
4) Create a Plan of Action
5) Contact Referral Information
6) Closing Conversation
Using the above concept will help you stay on course when conducting and answer question a patient might have during a counseling session. What I will cover more in depth is counseling concepts, counseling skills, and selected factors that can influence behavior changes.
When looking at the counseling concepts for interviewing patients there are three specific entities. First, focus on helping interactions, the focus must first be placed on how the client feels. Until the counselor attends the client’s feelings, the client will not hear much of what the counselor says. Be willing to bring up, listen to, and respond to the client’s feeling level reactions, beliefs, and issues. The second concept is managing your own discomfort. Examine and know your own values and seek to understand how others feel. Recognize your discomfort and manage it, don’t let it become a barrier to communication with the client. The third is setting boundaries. Both the counselor and the client must be in charge of their own lives. Don’t allow the client to make the counselor’s behavior the focus of the session. Counselor’s should not assume responsibility for the client’s behavior or expect to solve the client’s problems, only the client can do these things.
In discussing counseling skills there are four items to use, starting with the use of open ended question, being attentive, offering options not directives, and giving the patient simple information. Open ended questions can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. You must be careful about using “why” questions, as they may be received as threatening. The use of polite interactions like “tell me...

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