Assignment 8

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1. Can ICTs be innovatively used in the absence of minimum literacy levels among the poor?

Yes it can, looking at the case study regarding the information lady in Bangladesh; she was able to visit households in the villagers with a set of ICT’s like: small portable laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones, GPRS internet connectivity, headphones, webcam and other light equipments such as weighing measurement machines, blood pressure machines, pregnancy tests and sugar tests kits etc. She listens to the villager’s livelihood problems and helps them with preloaded offline Bangla language livelihood, audio -visual content and online information from the web.

By using this initiative she is able to conquer the challenge of creating an infrastructure and the triple illiteracy of rural people (illiterate, ICT illiterate and information ...view middle of the document...

and fisherman to be warned if it is safe or unsafe to sail, getting information regarding weather conditions. Two way radios can also be used. These can be achieved in the absence of minimum literacy levels.

2.ICT’s like radio, TV, Mobile phones, computers with internet, public address systems can be used for multiple purposes like – to address core sectors of development and provide access to information and knowledge, access to income generating opportunities, access to public service and agriculture, rural development and education.

Internet for meeting educational needs for poor female farmers in isolated rural communities

A female farmer with the use of the internet will be able to get information regarding agricultural market practices, finance etc and will be able to communicate and network with others worldwide.

In terms of education they will be able to continue studying using system called open learning system which provides formal education through distance learning methods to out of school youth , disadvantaged and poor communities who otherwise, for financial reasons not able to access education.

Internet for meeting Health needs for poor female farmers in isolated rural communities
This will be achieves through what we call e-Health which is an umbrella term that includes aspects of ICT use in health care like telemedicine. Telemedicine is the most frequent application in the health sector followed by continuing medical education and improving the quality or research network.
Women in a rural area can use the internet to get advice or consultant to provide over long distance via satellite. With telemedicine they will be able to connect to a specialist in the nearby area who will be able to capture and transmit clinical data from multiple sources to facilitate diagnosis and treatment.

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