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A teaching assistant might contribute to discussions and decision making during team meetings by firstly knowing what the meeting is about and then deciding what they will say in the meeting and how they will contribute. She could in advance make a few notes, which could include questions and she could also ask to have relevant information about the meeting sent to her. By doing this it will show good timing and good organisation. The teaching assistant could also consult with the other staff members. She ...view middle of the document...


The best way to communicate effectively with colleagues is by being open and honest about what they think to each other ,ask for help whenever needed,share ideas,ask opinions.
Communication that is positive ,opened,timely and friendly is very important and plays a vital role in creating a positive and respectful environment. To communicate effectively colleagues must respect each other and accept differences,they must be willing to accept both honest feedback,praise and criticism. It is very important to have good communication with colleagues so that day to day process of a school and classroom runs efficiently. Speaking calmly,clearly and listening to what someone has to say is vital for this, the more we communicate with each other, the more we will build our confidence ,good communication skills will ensure good development amongst students.


It is essential that all teachers,support staff ,teaching assistant and all other team members work as a team where respect,communication and support are vital for good results to be achieved and for the school to progress.
The teaching assistant can show support by offering some of her time,showing the resources available and by sharing ideas and opinions and by giving some advice when needed. The teaching assistant needs to be open minded to other’s ideas,listen,recognise,ask questions and accept opinion and criticism. By communicating openly and being honest with all team members,making them feel welcome ,respecting and be creating a comfortable environment,where they should be able to express themselves and able to keep other members informed of any chances or times that are no longer available , to areas of work where the teaching assistant does not feel comfortable to work and more training is needed to develop new skills.
To address and handle professionally any issues raised in their relationship which can be solved by their own or fairly report the issues that cannot be settled by them to someone higher who has the authority to reach a resolution.
By creating good working relationships,work is done more accurately and in a quicker pace. Where a climate of trust is opened and allows all colleagues to talk honestly with each other. Comply at all times with school legislation,industry regulation,professional and organisational codes.


In a school, all information with regards to pupils must be treated confidentially, as stated in the Data Protection Act 1998 Any information must be stored as stated in the act. All members of staff must be familiar and adhere to the guidelines.
Information about students, school, teaching staff should never be passed onto third parties. The teaching assistant would also need to check with the class teacher, if She was unsure whether She could/should...

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