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Assignment: Body Paragraphs

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Assignment: Body Paragraphs

When we talk about languages in this country everyone thinks of English and Spanish, but let us see what languages we really speak. If you take a look though I think that you will find that English and Spanish only scratch the surface of the languages in this country. Remember that we are a melting pot, founded on immigrants from all over the world moving her bringing their cultures, customs and languages here with them. They have not just cast off the traditional tongue of their ancestors, they may speak it less and less each generation but it is there and it is important. Languages like customs are what have made this country what it is today, if you ...view middle of the document...

The article states that there are about 28 million Spanish Speaking people in this country, but can you guess what is the third most spoken language? According to the 2000 census 2 million people speak Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin). This has over taken French which no resides at 4th, this may change as it has in the past but it just goes to show haw different languages influence this country. An interesting side note is that there is an estimated 2 million people in this country that use sign language as either their main or second language. Only about 50 main language groups are recognized here there are hundreds of offshoot dialects and even some smaller languages populations that are spoken here. The first documented language spoken here in this country is the languages of the American Indian, of those Navajo is the most used with about 178,000 people that speak this language, an Alaska language is third with only about 16,00 speakers, so it is easy to see how some languages are dying out. It is sad but with reach generation languages disappear never to be uttered again except by scholars.

To accommodate the citizens of the local area some states print forms, applications and signs in multiple languages, this is to save time and money. It is far cheaper to print papers or signs in multiple languages than to have multiple interpreters on staff. Most schools have many foreign languages as part of the curriculum; colleges prefer to have students that have taken at least two years of a foreign language before entering college. This trend is to assure that our country can maintain the flow of information between our country and the countries of the world.


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