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Assignment: Error Analysis

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(International Conference on Challenges and Prospects in Teacher Education, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam 1 16 & 17 July 2001)

The Using of Model Context. Input, Process and Products (CIPP) In Learning Programs Assessment. AZIZI HJ. YAHAYA Ph.D Jabatan Pendidikan Asas Fakulti Pendidikan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Skudai, Johor.
ABSTACT: Assessment is one process to determine problem, choose relevant information, and collect and analyze information to report useful summary to decision maker. Evaluation model discussed in this topic was CIPP Stufflebeam’s model. CIPP assessment's model selected because his effectiveness to get revenue formative and summative and to find decision and ...view middle of the document...

With one model, evaluation activity was conducted with fuller and mean. Below shows some valuation model common use. Among them was; 1. Rational Assessment Model

(International Conference on Challenges and Prospects in Teacher Education, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam 2 16 & 17 July 2001)

In this model often give emphasis to the productivity and accountability an activity. This model also often used to measure a student achievement and progress. This model ignore process dimension in implementing assessment. In implementing something study, this model often suggest question such as do successful students achieve an objective? Did successfully teachers carry out a job successfully? To construct achievement test, Tyler outlines several procedures should be followed by namely: 1. Identify the objective of the education programme education that want to be carried out. 2. Describe every objective in behavior form and the contents. 3. Identify the situation which objective wants to be used. 4. Create the direction to representing situation. 5. Create the direction to find the record. Tyler defines that assessment is a comparison between result is wanted with actual results. Tyler's approach gives attention to behavior measurement in some objective which is construct and also focus to learning outcome from lesson input. Tyler also doing some change in concept according to assessment. This change is developed in his definition of assessment original namely assessment in programme proposed to be made by comparing concept of programme by any relevant information to stabilize the programme planned. This including: 1. Assessment in implementation level. 2. Assessment in monitoring continuum in something programme. According Tyler's assessment model (1950), researcher must be evaluate students behaviour change reason behaviour is wanted in education. Beside that, assessment must be made in final stage This model, first step we must know objective of programme. After we know the visi of the program, goal achievement and measuring instrument signs identified. The findings will be compared with goal of the program and decision made on standard achievement achieved. According to Tyler, if the program is unachievable goal, this bring implication either implementation programme learning weak or those goals chosen unsuitable. There are several weaknesses in objective behaviour model which is proven by Pophams (1969, 1973): Sullivan (1965) And MacDonald-Ross (1973) plucked from Sani 1992; Sharifuddin (1996); Habibah, (1996). Between that weakness was: 1. No consistent opinion on who should choose objective, or which objective should be selected (Stake, 1970 And Dressel, 1960). 2. Even though objective can be defined from implementation aspect, problem to get revenue measurement am far from who can be found (MacDonald-Ross, 1973).

(International Conference on Challenges and Prospects in Teacher Education, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam 3 16 & 17 July 2001)

3. Not...

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