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How information is used and how it flows in an organization is as follows: Information in

an organization is used for a myriad of different processes throughout an organization.

Information flow through an organization is a duplicate image of an organizations activities.

Making a model of an organizations activities goes a long way in helping to build an effective

strategy for competing in today’s business world. The three things that are generally looked at in

the process of information flow is cost, time, and the information path. A break down of these

three components is as follows: Cost will show how much the present implemented information

processes cost. ...view middle of the document...

Information flows enable an organization to fulfill their services, or product delivery. The more

efficient an information flow is, the more effective a company can be in regards to operations,

and expansion.

Due to the sensitivity of most customer information, information is very closely guarded, and

is handled as very valuable pieces of any organization. It is considered a material resource.

Information flows within a given organization are always heavily secured, because it would not

be very good at all for a company to allow other company’s to gain access to sensitive customer

information. Information treated as a material resource, makes things much easier in decision

making by management. Information then goes through information processing, and then

analysis by way of the database. This process streamlines decision making by management. The

overall effectiveness of a company’s activities hinges on these processes. A few organizations

have information flow in a more linear aspect. Information sources can come from a foreman or

upper management, and is usually passed further along the chain of command to subordinates at

lower levels.

The company that I am employed at is a construction company. I am responsible for making


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