Assignment Of Business Communication

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Chapter 11

Data: Statistical
Questions: What is the normal distance the students go for their food?
How many students like health food?
What is the cost that students can bear?

Data: Expert opinion
Questions: Is professional dress code on the job improve business?
Has someone do some analysis about it?
Who are the experts?
What are their biases?

Date: Expert opinion
Questions: Who are the experts?
What are their biases?

Data: Expert opinion
Questions: Who are the experts?
What are the details about the analysis?
What are their biases?

Data: Individual or group opinion
Questions: Whose opinions would the reader value?
Have surveys or interviews been conducted on this topic?


In this paraphrased passage, when the writer use background data, he should do quotations.
The development of casual online games offers ...view middle of the document...

C. This paraphrased passage uses to much same sentence as original.
Search giant Yahoo kept prominent on its portal since its customers feel good knowing it is there, even though they don't read it much. Such noticeable placement was also used for entertainment news that attracts deal from users searching for a distraction task. As opposed to that, what may seem work related, such as finance, is much visited at night when people pay the reckoning and manage their document

D. Paraphrased passage change the original idea.
By offering more fashionable clothes, and because designer and fashion style, customers feel comfortable in shopping in Target. Some customers would buy dental floss and sexy dresses under one roof. Wal-Mart learned that its hip Metro 7 line for women sold well in hundreds of stores, but the skinny jeans and higher-style clothes failed when the retailer took them to 3,000 of its stores.

DATE: December 16, 2012
TO: Ms. Kimura
FROM: Wenwei Huang
SUBJECT: Debunking Myths About Young People

People always thinks that teens spend more times than adults 25 to 34 to brows the internet, (11 hours versus the average of 29 hours, 15 minutes for adults)"Nielsen" in fact they watch TV more than browsing the internet. Teens also watch online videos, but they spend 35 percent less time than adults do. According to their favorite TV show, top Web sites, and across media, we learn that they have same tastes as their parents. In the other hand, they read newspapers, listen to the radio, and like advertising. In general, most people think that teens are especially and unusual, but they are actually normal in their usage.

Findings and Analyses

Most people think teens are abandoning TV, because there are a lot of new media appear, but the fact is TV still accounts for most of a teen's media clock. And teens are not the biggest users of the internet, because the times they can use to internet less than most. Also some people think teens just can be reached over the phone is through texting, but teens just are early adopters of all mobile media. All gamers are teens is not real also all teens do is game, teens just 23% of the gamers and less then normal player 10% of PC gaming minutes.

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