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KFC has a long tradition of great food, a warm culture and some of the best hospitality among catering teams the world over.
IT’S A FACT – Each year KFC serves over 1.7 million people in Sri Lanka

a) Company- KFC Sri Lanka

b) History - KFC, Sri Lanka was launched in 1995 and since then opened 18 outlets island wide. Cargills has successfully infused an International brand with Sri Lankan tastes by developing a host of new dishes to suit local palates - like the Buriyani and Kotthu - along with the signature KFC meals.

c) Products- Burgers
Fried chicken
French fries
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3 Internal Environmental factors

a) People -The KFC team members are highly trained through a support structure that celebrates the team and recognizes leadership, in line with the International KFC standards. This has enabled Cargill’s to build professionals of global quality in the field of hospitality and catering. Attire-Casual

b) Culture- Culture refers to the way people live their life. Every country has different culture. The way how Sri Lankan perceived food is changing from the past till present. People nowadays tend to look at the quality of food. This is a change from past behavior. This may due to the increasing of unhealthy society among Sri Lankan.
c) Structure-
Mr. L R Page-Chairman

Mr.V.R Page-Deputy Chairman / Managing Director
Mr.S.V Kodikara- Executive Director 

Mr.P.S Mathavan-Executive Director 

Mr. Jayantha Dhanapala-Director

Mr. A T P Edirisinghe-Director 

Mr. S E C Gardiner-Director 

Mr..Sunil Mendis-Director 

Mr..Anthony A.Page-Director

Mr. E A D Perera-Director 

Mrs. S R Thambiayah-Director 

d) Resources- Since KFC Sri Lanka continuously competes in the industry, it builds its strategy on some important resources it owns and which are valuable for it based on three factors: scarcity, demand and appropriability. Some of these resources include both tangible and intangible resources. 

1.4 Micro Environment

a) Customers-Customers are able to justify a company’s success, while consuming food in KFC; they are looking into many aspect, like the quality and quantity of the food offered, the surrounding of the restaurant, the staff inside the store and many more. Thus consider the interest of customers in making any decision is important, because without customer, the company can hardly get revenue. Also the image of a company in customers’ perception is important, bad image will lead to low sales. For example, the KFC offer variety of meals, namely kids’ meal, family meal, budget meal etc.

b) Competitors- Numerous competitors operating as fast food franchises exist in the market. Some of them are McDonalds, Pizza Hut. These continuously fight against each other for a better position in the market. Rivalry among competitors takes place in the form of price competitions, advertising battles, product differentiation and increased customer services

c) Publics -
KFC should endorse famous singer or celebrity to promote KFC meals through advertisement..

d) Stakeholders-
e) Suppliers-KFC has integrated poultry system which consist breeder farm and hatchery which increases efficiency andreduces reliance with outside markets. However some few firms are KFC suppliers; Pepsi: provides all carbonated drinks to all KFC outlets Alex paper products Sdn Bhd: provides products like Paper Cups, Paper Box and Fast Food Takeaway Boxes.
f) Intermediaries-KFC is a franchise business model which the head quarter is in U.S. and many...

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