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Assignment Week 3 Hsc 490 Demographic Paper

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Demographic paper
Rosa Linares
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Demographic paper
The targeted population I have chosen to do my research on is the aging population. I chose this population because I feel they are a group of people who have come a long way and their need for personal assistants and health services is a necessity which they have earned and deserve. According to Elmendorf and Sheiner ( 2000) “[when the first of the baby boomers turn 65 in 2011, there will be about 4.5 adults of working age for every person 65 and over, and the elderly will constitute 1 percent of the population. When the last of the baby boomers turns 65 in 2029, there are ...view middle of the document...

Within each age category women were more likely to need assistance then men]. (, 2003).

I believe the healthcare market and the health industry will benefit because the aging population will continue offering service that the elderly will continue needing. The health care market can be affected in a positive way as well as in the negative way too. The health care market demographically has improved in reaching out to the aging population all over the world which is a very good thing for our elderly group. The growing number of aging population will lead the increased in the health care costs. How?
I think and believe that the changes in the demographic has many changes in the quality of health service that’s available to the aging population, because the service and quality of health service changes when we look at it demographically speaking. If you live in a high class community you will definitely have better health care service and quality, so I do believe the demographic has a lot to do on how the health care is affected. This is an opinion and not necessarily factual or supported by research.
As the aging population grows the demand for long-term care will be a great challenge, for patients and families income and public services available. And also with the incorporating of the new medical technology the expectations on the long term care and in home care facilities will be pressure to upgrade which will race the prize on the service render. Another challenge is the rise in the cost of the prescription drug medication for the costumers who tend to need it more witch is the aging population. The high cost for prescription drug medication has always been a challenge especially for the aging population.
I’m sure that chronic disease wellness programs will seek to improve the quality of care. Wellness programs will cut cost on the medical services and medications. The wellness programs will educate the aging population about preventions and ways to manage on how to learn to live with a chronic disease. Wellness programs effects healthcare costs in a positive way because it helps patients to manage their disease. And when patients are aware of many ways to deal with their sickness it helps them save in the cost of medical service, long term care, as well as prescription drug medications. Wellness programs encourages healthy lifestyles the behavior to improve the health of aging adults. Wellness programs Increases the use of clinical preventive services and also address cognitive impairment. I also believe wellness programs also helps the elderly population with issues relocating to mental health problems, provides efforts to integrate public health and services to enhance outreach for health promotion and disease prevention for older adults.
The impact of aging will tell me that the need for more health care professionals will be rising. As the baby boomers generation continue to get older, the need for more medical professionals will be...

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