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Assignment #1
Rhonda Failey

As I enter the fifth week of my Spring semester at Louisiana State University at Shreveport I have quickly come to learn something very important about myself: I love College. I came into my first year, first semester of my freshman year majoring in journalism. After realizing that that was not where I belonged, I changed my major to psychology, which came to bore me. Now I am a biochemistry major and absolutely cannot wait to graduate and apply to medical school on my way to becoming a general surgeon. A few of the differences between high school and college that I have noticed and appreciated greatly are, first, the independence a ...view middle of the document...

Finally, I have seen that many professors enjoy the subject they teach and having professors like this always makes the subject easier to learn. It seems as if they connect better with the students.
There was not a single aspect of college that surprised me and caught me off guard, except for the fact that when you're a high school girl, you always hope that the guys you meet in college will be tall, handsome and outgoing. This is FALSE. Very, very false.
My first semester at LSUS was the Fall semester of 2012 and after final exams were over and I went home on that very last day, I spent about thirty minutes of the night reflecting on the semester. I realized that certain things were harder, and easier than others. For example, it's easier to make friends, schedule your routine and be on time to classes than it is to keep your gas tank full. Also, studying and staying up-to-date with notes in my classes was much easier than I thought it would be. There isn't anyone who could help me with anything. I have all of my own business under control, therefore, no one has any reason to intrude. Clearly, I am a very private, to-myself kind of person and I intend to stay that way. I don't seem to be having any difficulties outside of class as nothing is affecting my grades or interfering with my studies. My home life is great and there are no issues in my personal life. I'm not from a broken home, I have two parents who have been married since they were young, there isn't ever any hostility in our home, and we have several pets who help to keep the balance. Honestly, things couldn't be better and I feel that my grades/GPA reflect it, as does my overall day-to-day attitude.

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