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Assimilation Essay

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People who come to America are expected to assimilate into the culture and social ‘norm’. Yoshino had covered the topic of covering and how to survive in the world in which we live; it becomes necessary for someone to have a false self. Yang had the opinion that Asian-Americans in particular just kind of sink into the background because of their upbringing and so covering for them would be beneficial to help them move forward. In an article written by Anne Phillips so argues that assimilation can sometimes be a bad thing in that, for example, in the case of say women with hijabs, some places don’t want women wearing them because it means that they are being oppressed by their ...view middle of the document...

On the flipside though, he also says that their true-self is covered by their parent’s ideals and so by taking part in these classes, boot camps, they are shedding their true self.
Anne Phillips says that assimilation may be a bad thing for the same reason that Yoshino’s female colleague did. They basically say that if everyone is always covering their true self with their false self that they will never truly know who someone is. The colleague of Yoshino’s said that, for example, fixes her bike because it is broken simply because it is broken. If everyone always thinks that she’s covering something then they may think that she’s having a gender crisis or something of the sort because she is doing something that is stereotypically a male job. Sometimes someone does something, only for the reason that it needs to be done.
In France they have a law that fundamentally says that people coming into France need to assimilate. They say that if you come to their country then you should expect to blend with them and kind of go with the flow. They don’t want someone to bring their own culture to...

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