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Assistant Manager Essay

2091 words - 9 pages

Teamwork and Motivation


James B. Danquah

BUS 520: Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Dr. Damita Goods

Strayer University

May 24, 2013

Hyper competition among businesses continues to increase the importance and relevance of employee motivation. This is essentially because employee motivation grants tangible benefits to the employee as an individual and consequently to organizational growth. One of the challenges facing management in the face of global competition is the designing of appropriate motivation plan that can ensure employee satisfaction and growth of the business.
This paper therefore attempts to design an appropriate motivation plan for ...view middle of the document...

There cannot be any perfect theory for creating an organization motivation plan for Danquah & Sons. To create a more accurate plan it is imperative to learn about the fifty employees and know what motivates each one of them as an individual. It is also important to actively involve the employees in determining what they can contribute to the organization and in the process give them the opportunity to set their own goals, which must of course be in line with the general corporate overall goals. It is instructive to know that when goals are personally set by employees it creates a sense of accountability for each employee and motivates him/her to reach his/her goal. Corporate vision and its expectation must be clearly and concisely communicated to all employees. At the same time we will listen to and give value and feedback to the views of all employees irrespective of status. We will praise, give rewards and celebrate achievements. When conflict comes we will not hesitate to resolve it using the appropriate methods. We will maintain a pleasant work environment, provide adequate resources to employees and practice what we preach.
Organization Motivation Plan and High Job Satisfaction
Employee motivation has a link to employee satisfaction with their jobs. In the case of Danquah & Sons, management cannot directly motivate any of the fifty employees but can create the conditions, a motivation plan, which makes the employees feel motivated themselves.
According to Spector (2003), tangible factors such as money in terms of compensation and pay and intangibles such as a sense of achievement help to motivate employees. However intrinsic rewards such as pay and compensation that come as a result of performing a task cannot guarantee employees satisfaction.
Our organization motivation plan must therefore assure employees of their job security as long as they meet corporate expectation. The plan must also create opportunities for employees to use their skills and abilities. Danquah & Sons can do this by encouraging their employees to use their skills and creative potentials to improve quality of product. The company’s major challenges are defects in product quality, high operation costs and delay in delivery. The company’s motivation plan must therefore provide the needed resources for research and development to improve product quality, train employees to enhance their skills, and involve employees in reviewing operational inefficiencies that create high operational costs. Once these inefficiencies have been removed, management can increase employee compensation and cause further increase in their job satisfaction.
The plan must not only ensure management recognition of employee achievement in job performance but allow for better communication all employees and a healthy workplace environment which makes the employee feel like always coming back to work. Extrinsic rewards such as sincere praise for job well done would enhance employee...

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