Asylum Protection In Diplomatic And International Law Perspective

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Protection that is given by a state to immigrating people who seek security from imminent threat by their origin country is potentially affect diplomatic relation between the states. This protection which is also known as asylum in international law derived as States right, even an obligation in certain cases. The right to give protection is part of State sovereignty that is acknowledged in International law.
Asylum protection contains both law and political aspects. 42 illegal immigrants from West Papua who was granted asylum protection from Australian government is a relevant case pertaining to this issue. From very beginning Indonesia had asked Australia to return the immigrants, but ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, it is not necessary for Indonesia to consider this asylum protection as unfriendly act as this asylum is eligible under customary International law.
In 1967, United Nation had successfully confirmed principles recommendation for all countries pertaining to response of asylum request. Where basically, the request should not be rejected or they should not forcefully bring them out. Except, when there are massive numbers of people request for asylum protection, the state possess right to reject the request if it threatens national security cause. Beside that if asylum might potentially cause lost to the state or cause serious damage, therefore the state is not obliged to accept the request but still has to consider the right procedure according to International law (trough UN or certain states representative) in order to maintain peace between states. In International law, asylum can be given in emergency circumstances in certain amount of time to individual who has been injured physically, or...

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