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AT&T has been around for more than a century, they provide internet, cable, and wireless. They have made huge advances in the communications industry, including introducing the iPhone, ipad and u-verse. They have the largest international coverage of any wireless carrier, as well as the largest Wi-Fi network. AT&T employee’s hundreds of thousands people and are very diverse. They strive on supporting their communities as well as their employees. Their code of conduct is impeccable and will be deeply discussed later in the paper. In addition to going over the different code of conducts, this paper will also discuss AT&T financial performance. This includes the quick ratios, current ratios, ...view middle of the document...

Indeed, AT&T code of ethics accepts no undisclosed personal benefit by any member as a result of any transaction of the AT&T Inc. (AT&T, 2010).
Every member of AT&T is involved in the disclosure process. The Company's public reports and documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") should comply with the applicable federal securities laws and SEC rules (AT&T, 2010). The financial disclosure assumes that all companies will report unbiased information to the public. The disclosure of a company will affect the choices of the stockholders against the consequences of such disclosure. In the United States, the financial disclosure influences the publicly owned companies and the SEC control the disclosure principle that the public has information about public companies (Levy, Benita, & Levy, 2006). The involuntary disclosure will affect the price of the value stocks.
In accordance to the compliance principle, the company issues specific guidances as to certain rules and regulations that apply to the company’s activities. Indeed, the AT&T has a clear code of ethics that comply with the SEC regulations. It is the responsibility of every member to be aware of the AT&T policies that apply to the individual’s activities, including policies related to the accounting and financial matters.
AT&T employees should report with any question about policies to the code of ethics contact to avoid any misunderstanding of internal laws and regulations. Also, every member of AT&T has the authority to contact the legal department or code of ethics contact to report any existing violation of this code. The whistle blower who made a report in a good faith is protected against any retaliation. The General Counsel or the Chief Financial Officer, as the case may be, will take all appropriate action to investigate any violations reported (AT&T, 2010).
AT&T directors, officer, and employees must maintain the confidentiality of the information in their daily business to protect the external factors privacy, to include investors, customers, suppliers, etc. AT&T discloses...

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