At The Beginning Of The Play Macbeth Writes To His Wife As Dearest Greatness’ How Does There Relationship Change During The Play?

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At the beginning of the play Macbeth writes to his wife as ‘my dearest greatness’ how does there relationship change during the play?

Throughout the play it is clear Macbeth’s relationship towards Lady Macbeth changes a great deal. Macbeth starts out very close and having a reliable and happy marriage and being able to talk to Lady Macbeth about almost anything. It then gradually disintegrates and they’re marriage falls apart, with Macbeth becoming a very distant and secretive man.

At the start of the play, Macbeth confides in his wife for help and support. In Act 1 scene 5 Macbeth refers to Lady Macbeth as “my dearest partner of greatness” he writes his letter to Lady ...view middle of the document...

Although Macbeth eventually ends up trusting his wife, it takes longer for him to be convinced she’s right than it would have originally at the very start of the play. At the end of this scene they are both back on full terms again but it is clear that the first signs of them drifting apart had begun.

In Act 3 scene 1, Macbeth has become King. When Banquo becomes suspicious, Macbeth instantly orders him to be murdered. Macbeth doesn’t ask his wife for advice but decides on his own what he is going to do, planning everything leaving his wife unaware of anything. It is not until the night of Banquos death that his wife is aware that Macbeth wants to kill Banquo. As Macbeth grew up the importance ladder, his independence grew and his amount of confiding to his wife became less.

In Act 5 scene 5, Macbeth finds out that his wife has died. Macbeth’s final words for his wife are a mere twelve lines long. This shows how little his wife means to him now and how he has become a man with little...

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