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Athletes And Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

1199 words - 5 pages

Argument Paper, MLA Style (Hammond)

Hammond 1
Jamal Hammond
Professor Paschal
English 102
17 March XXXX
Performance Enhancement through Biotechnology
Has No Place in Sports
Opening sentences
provide background
for Hammond’s

The debate over athletes’ use of performance-enhancing
substances is getting more complicated as biotechnologies such
as gene therapy become a reality. The availability of these new
methods of boosting performance will force us to decide what we
value most in sports—displays of physical excellence developed
through hard work or victory at all costs. For centuries, spectators
and athletes have cherished the tradition of fairness in ...view middle of the document...


Hammond 2
Such therapies are breakthroughs for humans suffering from
muscular diseases; for healthy athletes, they could mean new world
records in sports involving speed and endurance—but at what
cost to the integrity of athletic competition? The International
Olympic Committee’s World Anti-Doping Agency has become so
alarmed about the possible effects of new gene technology on

Hammond uses
specific evidence
to support his

athletic competition that it has banned the use of gene therapies
and urged researchers to devise a test for detecting genetic
modification (Lamb 13).
Some bioethicists argue that this next wave of performance
enhancement is an acceptable and unavoidable feature of

Opposing views
are presented

competition. As Dr. Andy Miah, who supports the regulated use of
gene therapies in sports, claims, “The idea of the naturally perfect
athlete is romantic nonsense. . . . An athlete achieves what he or
she achieves through all sorts of means—technology, sponsorship,
support and so on” (qtd. in Rudebeck). Miah, in fact, sees athletes’
imminent turn to genetic modification as “merely a continuation
of the way sport works; it allows us to create more extraordinary

“Qtd. in” is used
for an indirect
source: words
quoted in another

performances” (Rudebeck). Miah’s approval of “extraordinary
performances” as the goal of competition reflects our culture’s
tendency to demand and reward new heights of athletic
achievement. The problem is that achievement nowadays
increasingly results from biological and high-tech intervention
rather than strictly from hard work.
Better equipment, such as aerodynamic bicycles and fiberglass
poles for pole vaulting, have made it possible for athletes to
record achievements unthinkable a generation ago. But athletes

Source: Diana Hacker (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007).

Hammond counters
opposing arguments.

Hammond 3
themselves must put forth the physical effort of training and
practice—they must still build their skills—even in the murky area
of legal and illegal drug use (Jenkins D11). There is a difference
between the use of state-of-the-art equipment and drugs and the
Hammond develops
the thesis.

modification of the body itself. Athletes who use medical technology
to alter their bodies can bypass the hard work of training by
taking on the powers of a machine. If they set new records this
way, we lose the opportunity to witness sports as a spectacle of
human effort and are left marveling at scientific advances, which
have little relation to the athletic tradition of fair play.

Transition moves
from the writer’s
main argument to
specific examples.

Such a tradition has long defined athletic competition.
Sports rely on...

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