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"Athletes Get Special Privileges." Satire Essay

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Justin Choi, John Chun, Gary Moliver03.29.05Dear Editor,Just a couple of weeks ago, I happened to come across your editorial. As if the title weren't ridiculous enough, I believe you spoke about this inane idea that athletes unjustly receive benefits and rights as opposed to the "layman," who does not do anything, but expects everything. To start off, let's just say that the First Amendment was not created for your own amusement. Secondly, you obviously cannot see the burden our athletes of today have taken upon themselves, such as going to practice if they're not busy trying to make ends meet. Not only do athletes have tougher days than the factory employee who works an eight hour day, ...view middle of the document...

In result, teachers must grade student athletes on an easier rubric as opposed to the normal rubric that teachers use to grade students who don't play sports. When conditions permit, teachers must allow student athletes to skip doing some of their school work, and automatically give them a good grade in the assumption that they would have finished and done a great job on their school work if they hadn't played sports. In addition, because student athletes represent the school when competing in competitions, they must be excused from whatever punishment they receive if it hinders or prevents their playing sports. For instance, in Southern Valley Regional High School located in Demarest, NY, two young student athletes were charged with the possession of alcoholic beverages in the recent Junior Prom Scandal; however, they were acquitted of all charges because in the following week, they had to represent the school in an athletic competition; clearly, they were unaware of the alcoholic beverages being passed around the car. And finally, student athletes cannot perform as well as other students who do not play a sport and find it more difficult to attend upper echelon schools like the Ivy League Schools; thus, student athletes should be accepted on the basis of their athleticism than their academic achievements. Considering that student athletes have more responsibilities and more work than students who do not play sports, it is obviously valid to claim that students who play sports in school should be given benefits that help them to be on par with students who do not.As years pass and student athletes graduate from schools, they soon mature into professional athletes, and play in the professional sports leagues. Similar to their lives as student athletes, these professional athletes also carry more burdens and have more responsibilities than the average human being. Professional athletes carry the burden of being a good role model for people of all ages, staying in great shape to play their sport as best as they can, and keeping their fans as happy and satisfied to the best of their abilities; thus, professional athletes should receive special benefits that help them survive through their everyday lives. For example, when professional athletes use steroids, it is not because they want to cheat in any way; it is because their trainers, who want the athletes to perform for the fans, slip drugs into athletes' food and beverages. Thus, they should not be accused of such a heinous crime like using steroids; if anyone should be arrested, it should be the fans for pressuring professional athletes to feel as if they have to perform better by any means, even with the use of steroids. When professional athletes commit a crime, it is entirely not their fault because being professional athletes gives a major amount of stress to them and psychologically damages their mental health; in result, professional athletes should not be charged with such crimes. For...

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